Saturday, December 25, 2010

#25 of 25

I cannot believe I did it. 25 days in a row. Before you think better of me, don't ask about the December Daily. It is stuck somewhere in the middle digits. This will be short and sweet because I am really,genuinely,exhausted. I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, no matter how much fake sleeping it takes. Fake sleeping is where you or your spouse pretends you have not heard the precious pitter patter of little feet at 7am. Whoever can fake sleep and not move the best, wins. I am planning on bringing my A Game tomorrow.

Here are some of my favorite memories from Christmas:

1. Last night, Emerson asked me to be sure and unlock his window, so that Santa could get in.

2. These glasses, a gift from Lincoln to his brothers.

3. Watching Lincoln's face as he realized we had, in fact, gotten him a iPod.

4. Lincoln trying to get us out of bed at 7am. It didn't happen.

5. Seeing a beautiful snowfall all day, covering everything, and giving us a gorgeous white Christmas.

6.All photography related gifts from my Micah. Well done buddy.

7. Sneaking underwear in as one of Micah's gifts. Priceless.

8.Not having to see another buckeye for a whole year. I think I just heard the Hallelujah chorus!

9. Alden's foot. In a toilet. A non-empty toilet. Only at the casa...

Merry Christmas friends, see you in January...


  1. i've loved all the blogging this month!!
    and just think even if you dec daily isn't 'caught up' you have it all down in writing here anyway :)

  2. Merry Christmas! Great goggle pic! oooohhhh...cannot wait to hear what photog gifts you speak of! :)

  3. Good job, friend! YOu should challenge yourself to month long blogging more often. :)

    Or at least weekly blogging, just so the rest of us know you're alive.

    Alden is too stinkin' cute in those pjs. And the glasses, killer. I can't believe Lincoln got an iPod. Sheesh. These kids are getting expensive. I'm guessing Simon is a year behind Lincoln with his requests...

    It does my heart good to know Emer still believes. I was thinking Felix might be over Santa by next year.

    Oh, oh, what did you get?? Camera related? Inquiring minds need to know.

    Happy Christmas, my friend! I wish we lived closer so you could've been the first page of my Dec Daily again. Especially knowing Micah built a sled slide in your back yard!