Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hadji, God, and Lies...

It was a first. Hadji came home and told me a bully had taken something from him. I know this sort of thing happens, but he was so pitiful with his head down, crying, saying, "It was the bestest rat ever." Then he told us the story...

A boy came up at the playground and said, "Give me that rat or I'm going to punch you in the nose." This is where the fact that Hadji had gotten a rubber rat out of the treasure box is good information to have. I did not have this information. Anyway... Hadji gave the kid the rat. I was kind of surprised. I mean, this is the kid who at age FOUR beat down an 8 year old at the park. (Note: If you are shooting your Nerf gun directly at my little sweet Hadji's face and he keeps asking you stop, and you don't, it might not end well for you.) This is the same kid who smacked a 12 year old in the face for picking on a little girl from kindergarten at the PTA Ice Cream Social. Yep. True Story. Yeah, I am not on the PTA Board this year... )

So, I was a little surprised that Hadji gave in. I asked him more questions, but he didn't know the kid, didn't know whose class he was in, etc. well, there is not much a parent can do with this, so I just typed up an e-mail to his teacher, just so she would know it happened. I hesitated to hit the send button. Call it, mommy gut-instincts, fear of a grammatical error laden e-mail being sent, who knows... but I decided to wait and let Micah read it first.
At bedtime, as I am tucking Hadji in, I ask him, one more time... "Is what you told Mommy about the rat true?" He just looked away. Hmmm... "Hadji, did you tell me the TRUTH or a LIE?"
He finally says, sheepishly, "Not really. I just thought it was a funny story."

First, I am glad I didn't send the e-mail. Second, I went into lecture mode. (we did get the real story. a little girl did keep his rat after he let her see it. recovery efforts are now in progress.) We talked about trust, and how lies ruin that. We talked about how God hates lies, and we want our mouths to speak the truth. Just when I think he gets it, he really gets it and start giving myself that proverbial good parent pat on the back... Hadji looks up and wistfully sighs, "I sure do wish God liked lies."

I officially resign.
the end.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween Economics

This is the motley crew we managed to costume up at the casa de fingerprint this year. I told them if they didn't take a nice photo I would eat all their candy. Nothing says Happy Family Memory like threatening children before declaring, "Say Cheese!"

We had Buzz Lightyear.
His long hair hanging out the back of the hood like an 80s rat tail was sweet.

Creepy Skeleton Man
AKA I am a lazy 8 year old who has figured out I just need a costume to get the candy.

and... The Karate Kid.
Obviously my gentle natured Hadji had trouble getting into character.

Now, onto the opinion based blog portion of the post. We went out trick or treating with some friends and their offspring. It was great fun. We hit a church trunk or treat. Then we hit the neighborhood and the boys and girls had their little bags and pumpkins chock full by 830 when we headed for home. As I sorted out the candy into nut and nut free piles that night, it hit me...

A child's trick or treat bag is a great thermometer for our economy.
I thought this as I noted the absence of Reese's cups, Three Musketeers and Milky Ways. You see in a flourishing economy, chocolate abounds. The over abundance of smarties says, "Tighten those belt loops."

Here is the candy break down:

Thriving Economy Candies:
Reese's Cups
Three Musketeer
Milky Ways
and even Baby Ruth.
**Don't even try and put Almond Joys in this category. They are what desperate children eat around December 1st.

OK Economy Candies:
Pixie Sticks

We are in trouble and it shows Candies:
Laffy Taffy
Double Bubble Gum
Dum Dums
and those weird "Candy Sticks" from the Dollar Store. They are cigarettes folks. Just because the end has not been dabbed with the tell tale red paint, don't be fooled. They are Candy Cigarettes in disguise. (I prefer to buy my kids the actual ones that come in a fake cigarette box, like I had as a child. Ah, sweet dysfunctional memory passing down. I love the holidays.)

Anyhoo the worst thing you as an economist trick or treater can see is... Hard Candy. If a StarBrite Mint hits your kids bucket, you best get home and hunker down.