Wednesday, May 10, 2006

and the rest of the PB album...

...all the picture won't fit in one post!

paper bag album for my nephew...

Here is a PB Album I made for my little nephew. He got to see snow for the first time in March, so that is the main theme. I LOVE the PB albums... so quick and easy!! Thanks for looking!

My DS's LO ...

Here is a LO made by my little guy this afternoon! He loves to scrapbook, and he cracked me up stapling his was all him, I didn't even help him! (and he is 3 years old.) LOL. (well, one of the photos was sanded, that was a reject from a LO i did!!)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Here is my Lo that I had to "save" from myself... LOL. I tried to make little water drops with 3D crystal lacquer... it did NOT look good at all. It looked like little drops of spilt coffee or something on the paper... hence the individually cut out circles to hide all the blobs. Oh well... I still like it because I think the pictures are so funny! Thanks for looking!