Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IRL... the best!

So, as some of you may know, I headed to Denver this weekend, (yes, in all of my knockedupedness.) A group of us Blog Pals got together at Ronda's for a weekend of scrapping, shopping, and MUCH laughter. I have titled the weekend "IRL" or "In real Life" since this was actually the first time any of us actually met. Yes, I have already been met with the stare some of you are now giving your computer screen. It is the stare that is akin to the one given if I had said the words "internet dating". Oh well, I am over the weird looks, and had a blast. Ronda and her husband, Andy were the best hosts to us, and Andy will herein be referred to as "Husband Andy". Serious fun was had by all. Here are some pics of the gang. Be expecting more in the near future as I got THREE disks of pics from Ronda of all our fun. :)
Here is Kim, who only got to join us for one night, and flew in after her sister's wedding. Talk about virtual dedication!! She is just as sweet in person as I thought she'd be too.

Here is Karla. KDud, Miss D, and many more names we came up with as she cracked us up... yep, she Shore did. ROFLMBO!!

Here is Tannis, and yes I am proud that I have a Tannis kiss picture now. She is amazing, and a mom of moms.

Here is Vee... she was my scrapping bud, and she slammed out the coolest pages. I was wanting her creativity to just rub off on me a little. Thankfully we aren't too far from eachother so I will get to see her soon.

Husband Andy making pasta. From Scratch. Yes, you read that right. The best part, him telling me, Tannis and Jessi that since none of us were "incessantly annoying" the weekend was great. Seriously, the man put up with way more estrogen than he should ever have to, and the pasta was amazing - even if he hoodwinked me into eating Buffalo meatballs!!

Chrissy. I made her embrace her curls for the weekend, and she looked awesome. She gets the Bambi award for most shed tears. :)

Ronda, our hostess with the mostess. She reminds me of my sister Sharon, all caring and sweet. She is amazing, creative, and wonderful.

Amber and Jessi. Jessi kept me in stitches with her accent. They both take model like photos as well. Amber may not update about the trip for a while, she has 56 Design Team gigs to do... bwaahahahahahaha. :)

The whole gang again.

These are the BEST chickies. They even threw me a baby shower while we were there. Yes, a baby shower. I cannot believe I made it through without bawling. I could not have asked for a better group of friends, and meeting them IRL was awesome, and will be done again asap. So yes Micah, the virtual friends rock. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So, can you count???

Can you count? Cause apparently I can't. I went to the doctor last week, and realized I had been been miscounting the number of weeks along that I am in the ol' journey of knockedupedness. Now, the good news is, I am a week ahead of where I thought. So that makes me feel a little better about my girth. The bad news is, I feel like a real moron. I mean, seriously, like I am going to go back and change the scrapbook pages I have done that say "15 weeks, 2o weeks, and 30 weeks." Oh well, so I stink at preggo math, life goes on...

Speaking of life, here are some things I have been working on. These are Ronda's and Carla's Circle Journals. I have two more ready for me to tackle asap. :)

Here is Carla's . The theme: Favorite Photo.Loved doing this!!
**** AND... thanks to an angel over at SIStv, I think these should be clickable to enlarge!!(no more squinting Theresa!!LOL) ****

And here is Ronda's. The theme was EXPLORE. Very open ended, very cool. There are three because the last one has the transparency over it that I used.

Here are a few Deck of Me catch up cards as well....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

You asked for it....

Be afraid, be very afraid. Here are some belly shots from this week... This is me at 30 ½ weeks. Yes, that ½ week is very important for me to note as well, due to the greatness of my girth. I have technically not gained that much weight, 12 lbs so far, but I feel HUGE! I think the belly button may become an outie soon, and I am smearing myself with Aveda beautifying complex in an effort to avoid stretch marks. (why I am so obsessed with this I don't know. I never wear a bikini, i am just too chicken for it.) I know I look heinous in these pictures... I had just gotten out of the shower, and did NOT feel like taking them, but realized I was already a few days off the actual 3o week mark, so I wanted to get them done. Clearly I am not someone who should be photographed sans the help of a little concealer and such.

Onto less scary things shall we????

I made my first venture into Chipotle on Friday afternoon for lunch. This is a bad, bad thing. I have some friends who are a tad, shall we say obsessed with the place. (cough cough LorenaChrisHeather cough cough) I am in love. I loved the fact that I felt like I was in the Seinfeld Soup Nazi line to order, I can get my kids a cheese quesadilla for 75 CENTS, (here honey have two, Mommy is feeling generous) and that the outdoor eating area was clean, gated, and full of other happy Chipotle customers who didn't seem to mind my two year old showing them his "money". (I 'm such a big spender that I gave Em the change from the quesadillas.LOL) SO, I am now in the cult. The Chipotle lovin' cult... Sarah, please, tell Derek not to be alarmed, he still makes the BEST guac around.

Here are some pages I made last night. My friend Kelli came over and while the kiddos watched a movie, we scrapped. I am a little behind in the new baby's book so I am playing catch up.

On a VERY happy note, Emerson is in undies. I am almost scared to type about it for fear he will suddenly decide to stop, but here goes. You know we had a week, a solid week of pure, urine soaked, no progress, couldn't care less potty training, a while back. Micah said enough when Emerson was casually drinking his water while peeing himself. Literally kicked back, standing there, cup up in the air, chugging away, whilst peeing... anyway... We have talked about it, told him soon he would have to be giving up diapers because we had a new baby coming, etc. So, long story short (yeah right its me, there is never a short story.) Wednesday morning, he says "Ma, I want my undies."
I said, "Okay, but you have to keep them dry"
"Ok Ma."

And there you have it. A dry night that night, and only a couple of nap time accidents, and he is doing great! Now watch, the minute I hit "publish post" he will come down and say "No more undies, I want my diapers." The best part is that he thinks he has to use that little slit they put in boys underwear. Who does that??? It is pretty fun to watch him though, and every time he gets them on he says, "Ma, these have a hole? "
"Yes, Em." I reply.
"Oh good! Thanks Ma."
ETA: Well, he just came down and I am wondering... Does it count as a "dry" night if the pee has already dried on the sheets??? LOL...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am back...

Hello all. I am finally back and just realized how loooong it has been since I updated. I just got caught up on the 100+ e-mails and hello... bloglines had so many updates it was crazy! So, no one else update their blog for a few days so I can enjoy being "caught up"... LOL.
Did you know... I am a

Well, at least Nicole thinks so. I get to Tag some others so here goes...
We made a quick trip to Florida last week to see my new nephew. He is so stinking cute. Here he is... maybe I should ask before I post his photo, but you know, it is better to ask forgiveness than permission... bwahahahaha. (that bwahahahaha was just for you Greta!)
So, we get on the road to drive there, and not too far into the trip, Em blesses us with a little puke. OK, not a little, a ton. Skip this if you are easily disgusted. Ah, who am I kidding, you wouldn't read this blog if you were easily disgusted...
He was throwing up water and milk, and I jumped into the back, yes, I did leap as best a knockeduped one can. My instinct, and this is proof positive you shouldn't always follow your instincts... was to hold my hands out and catch it. Um, yeah, the hands, not so good at catching liquids. SO, we get him cleaned up, (and get approached by a lovely man asking to "help", then asks for money, as we are covered in puke. WHAT?!?! Timing dude, it is all about timing, and this was NOT the right one.) So, because I have had the puke experience before we have wipes, a clothes change, and trash bags handy. We move on, purchase some Febreeze at our next stop, and finally get there.
My sister looks amazing for having a mere 3 week old, and won't let me cook dinner for them or do laundry even. She even makes sure I get to take a nap... are you seeing where some of my 4th child issues come into play?!?!? Seriously, she was amazing, and we had a relaxing and wonderful visit. We even hit a cool scrap store and of course Disney. It was hot but we hit some great rides with little wait time.

Here is Lincoln walking with his Uncle... the poor guy never realized that he would be soooo loved and soooo talked to that week. His ears are probably still ringing.

Lincoln got to be the guest conductor on the train around the park. Again, once the conductor asked "Do you like trains?" he never knew what hit him. They had a lengthy discussion about Thomas. He was a good sport too.

I also found out I won a RAK from my gal Nicole! I NEVER win stuff like this, and I was so excited. It was waiting for me when we got home and it was a supremely cool RAK. Thanks Nicole... I am cleaning off my messy desk so I can play with the stuff right after this post.

Here is the RAK... my photo does not do it justice!

Okay, off to build a train track and then, hopefully to scrap... :) Look out because I have some CJs to share and a new oh so gross belly shot... I am massive...