Saturday, July 14, 2007

You asked for it....

Be afraid, be very afraid. Here are some belly shots from this week... This is me at 30 ½ weeks. Yes, that ½ week is very important for me to note as well, due to the greatness of my girth. I have technically not gained that much weight, 12 lbs so far, but I feel HUGE! I think the belly button may become an outie soon, and I am smearing myself with Aveda beautifying complex in an effort to avoid stretch marks. (why I am so obsessed with this I don't know. I never wear a bikini, i am just too chicken for it.) I know I look heinous in these pictures... I had just gotten out of the shower, and did NOT feel like taking them, but realized I was already a few days off the actual 3o week mark, so I wanted to get them done. Clearly I am not someone who should be photographed sans the help of a little concealer and such.

Onto less scary things shall we????

I made my first venture into Chipotle on Friday afternoon for lunch. This is a bad, bad thing. I have some friends who are a tad, shall we say obsessed with the place. (cough cough LorenaChrisHeather cough cough) I am in love. I loved the fact that I felt like I was in the Seinfeld Soup Nazi line to order, I can get my kids a cheese quesadilla for 75 CENTS, (here honey have two, Mommy is feeling generous) and that the outdoor eating area was clean, gated, and full of other happy Chipotle customers who didn't seem to mind my two year old showing them his "money". (I 'm such a big spender that I gave Em the change from the quesadillas.LOL) SO, I am now in the cult. The Chipotle lovin' cult... Sarah, please, tell Derek not to be alarmed, he still makes the BEST guac around.

Here are some pages I made last night. My friend Kelli came over and while the kiddos watched a movie, we scrapped. I am a little behind in the new baby's book so I am playing catch up.

On a VERY happy note, Emerson is in undies. I am almost scared to type about it for fear he will suddenly decide to stop, but here goes. You know we had a week, a solid week of pure, urine soaked, no progress, couldn't care less potty training, a while back. Micah said enough when Emerson was casually drinking his water while peeing himself. Literally kicked back, standing there, cup up in the air, chugging away, whilst peeing... anyway... We have talked about it, told him soon he would have to be giving up diapers because we had a new baby coming, etc. So, long story short (yeah right its me, there is never a short story.) Wednesday morning, he says "Ma, I want my undies."
I said, "Okay, but you have to keep them dry"
"Ok Ma."

And there you have it. A dry night that night, and only a couple of nap time accidents, and he is doing great! Now watch, the minute I hit "publish post" he will come down and say "No more undies, I want my diapers." The best part is that he thinks he has to use that little slit they put in boys underwear. Who does that??? It is pretty fun to watch him though, and every time he gets them on he says, "Ma, these have a hole? "
"Yes, Em." I reply.
"Oh good! Thanks Ma."
ETA: Well, he just came down and I am wondering... Does it count as a "dry" night if the pee has already dried on the sheets??? LOL...


  1. Found my way over to your blog from SIStv. Enjoyed every second of it! Especially love your art card that says "love is a husband that finds a scrapbook store in tokyo." Can you tell me where to find one of those? Not the scrapbook store, the husband! Lol!

  2. love chipotle!! so yummy but didn't have a clue that they had .75 queso
    will have to get that for the kids next time.
    we are almost there!! six days!!
    gorgeous layouts too :)

  3. linked to your blog from SIS...I think you look great, I remember taking those same kinda pics when I was pg! I've not been to Chipotle yet but have wanted to try, think I just might have to today! LOL


  4. found you from SISTV. congrats on the potty training! that can be such a tough thing (at least for my son it was.)

  5. I will come to North Carolina and slap you down with that big bling i sent you....(should have it by tuesday at the latest) ...12 pounds....i gained 12 pounds my first 3 months....yes 3 months not by 30 weeks...i gained 50 pounds both pregnancies AND i am only 5'2....bwhahahahahahahaha

    {shaking head holding up hand to you like an italian woman}...lmao

  6. It totally counts if the pee's already dry.


  7. Jude, you are too funny! LOVE the pictures...wet hair and all! You look so stinkin cute!(For the life of me, I can't figure out how, we women, think that "stinkin" cute is a term of endearment!) ANYHOO....

    I've never been to Chipotle. We have them here in Ga. But obviously, I don't get out much.

    The LO's are really cool. You do good work.

    Congrats to Em (AND you!)

  8. Isn't Chipolte SO good!? Oh man, that's one of my favorite places! You still look wonderful, even though your belly is bigger. :) You can really tell from the 20 weeks LO to now.
    And yes, dry pee totally counts!

  9. We had an accident this morning and by the time I got the the bed, the sheets were dry.

    I considered not changing the sheets but decided to be a nice mommy.

    One day that boy is doing his own pee laundry...

  10. You're so cute Jude!!!
    And I too LOVE Chipotle - if they had a drive through I would really be in trouble :)
    And I would have to agree that it counts - boys are hard! Jack is still content with no progress...and Lauren has been done since April!!! Hoping he figures it out though because 6 weeks school starts and he has to be trained!!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Jude stop the craziness! Honey you look fantastic!!!!!

  12. LOL... yeah I think it should count. You look fab for a gal whose knockedup and congrats on only gain 12 lbs. That's awesome. Love the Hole in the Undies... don't think I have ever known anyone of any age who used it but, now I do. Love the scrap pages and thanks so much sweetie for your beautiful thoughts and words on my blog.... hugs. L

  13. Anonymous12:21 PM

    12 pounds? are you freaking kidding me? I think my butt weighed that much preggers then add another 20 for boobs, etc. You look gorgeous sweetie! Momma loves seeing a knocked up chick! I miss being preggers! Did you get the 3d ultrasound? they are amazing, kinda makes you want to reach in and touch their little face. Can't wait to see the next update:)

  14. Jude, you're a beautiful prego. Do you know yet if you're having a boy or girl? I'll have to thumb through the back posts and look to see. I've been so busy with selling our house that I've not been keeping up with my friends' lives. I guess I'll email you.
    Love ya!

  15. Greta sent me, LOL!
    If you are huge, then I must be obese 'cause that is my regular belly...

  16. I love Chipotles as well..and if the pee is dry yes it does count!!! Hey how old is Em?

  17. I think the pics are great! You look very healthy and happy! (I gained 50, 40, and 40 pounds with my girls so don't tell me about looking big! LOL)
    I don't thik we have Chipotles around here!! too bad! It sounds great!

  18. Loving the layouts. I think you look beautiful! 12 pounds...that's crazy I think I gained that the first month with the 2nd child. A big congrats on the potty that is such a huge accomplishment!