Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am back...

Hello all. I am finally back and just realized how loooong it has been since I updated. I just got caught up on the 100+ e-mails and hello... bloglines had so many updates it was crazy! So, no one else update their blog for a few days so I can enjoy being "caught up"... LOL.
Did you know... I am a

Well, at least Nicole thinks so. I get to Tag some others so here goes...
We made a quick trip to Florida last week to see my new nephew. He is so stinking cute. Here he is... maybe I should ask before I post his photo, but you know, it is better to ask forgiveness than permission... bwahahahaha. (that bwahahahaha was just for you Greta!)
So, we get on the road to drive there, and not too far into the trip, Em blesses us with a little puke. OK, not a little, a ton. Skip this if you are easily disgusted. Ah, who am I kidding, you wouldn't read this blog if you were easily disgusted...
He was throwing up water and milk, and I jumped into the back, yes, I did leap as best a knockeduped one can. My instinct, and this is proof positive you shouldn't always follow your instincts... was to hold my hands out and catch it. Um, yeah, the hands, not so good at catching liquids. SO, we get him cleaned up, (and get approached by a lovely man asking to "help", then asks for money, as we are covered in puke. WHAT?!?! Timing dude, it is all about timing, and this was NOT the right one.) So, because I have had the puke experience before we have wipes, a clothes change, and trash bags handy. We move on, purchase some Febreeze at our next stop, and finally get there.
My sister looks amazing for having a mere 3 week old, and won't let me cook dinner for them or do laundry even. She even makes sure I get to take a nap... are you seeing where some of my 4th child issues come into play?!?!? Seriously, she was amazing, and we had a relaxing and wonderful visit. We even hit a cool scrap store and of course Disney. It was hot but we hit some great rides with little wait time.

Here is Lincoln walking with his Uncle... the poor guy never realized that he would be soooo loved and soooo talked to that week. His ears are probably still ringing.

Lincoln got to be the guest conductor on the train around the park. Again, once the conductor asked "Do you like trains?" he never knew what hit him. They had a lengthy discussion about Thomas. He was a good sport too.

I also found out I won a RAK from my gal Nicole! I NEVER win stuff like this, and I was so excited. It was waiting for me when we got home and it was a supremely cool RAK. Thanks Nicole... I am cleaning off my messy desk so I can play with the stuff right after this post.

Here is the RAK... my photo does not do it justice!

Okay, off to build a train track and then, hopefully to scrap... :) Look out because I have some CJs to share and a new oh so gross belly shot... I am massive...


  1. bwhahaha...i got that girl....so am i suppose to put the rockin girl blogger thing up....sorry i am being a dumb blonde today...

    GIRL..that baby is GORGEOUS!
    and i am SURE your belly is NOT MASSIVE SO SHADD-UP!!

  2. Oh your nephew is so cute! He looks big!
    And that RAK from Nicole.... holey moley! super cool!
    and No, hands do not catch puke very well. I've learned from experience too. eeeww.
    can't wait to see your belly picture, though I'm positive your not huge! :)

  3. First of all Jude...you really are so rockin' :)
    And glad you like the RAK can't wait to see what you create with it...need to get a reply back to you also, but my email is so negelected these days - sorry!

  4. Well aren't you just the sweetest thing to give ME an honorable mention? Thank you for that. It really means alot.

    Ok, now once I ask this next question, you'll probably never "honorably mention" me again...but here goes. I know what RAK stands for, but what gives? I mean, is it a sweet means of payback for a past deed? Or is it a "just because you ROCK" kinda thing? Like you, I never win or receive things out of the blue. That is so cool!!! Guess I was right about you, you ARE pretty special!

    By the way, so sorry about the pukin in the car thing. I had that happen before...thanks to a big ole grab bag of Doritos! Talk about being caught off guard! Good thing I was only 100 miles from my destination, traveling at about 90 on I-65 without an exit in site. Nothing like 2 helpless women and 2 kids stopping on the side of the road to clean up liquid Doritos & milk (sorry for that visual) and looking for a fresh change of clothes in the BOTTOM suitcase. Gotta love traveling with kids. But I am glad ya'll had a good visit with your sister and her new baby. Oh, and Disney World to boot! SWEET!

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  6. ok, i'll comment again. i had to delete my first one b/c i reread it and said no.

    take two!

    yay! you're back!

    and i see you received a miniBOOK from nicole....bring on the goodness. can't wait to see what you make.

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see you and all your hugeness!

    What a cute lil baby and I love the DW shots. Can't wait to see all your RAK made pages.


  8. you nephew is so adorable, was it like really hot down there in florida, it has been miserable in philly and you have got to take some belly shots, even though you don't want to share them,, its a must for the albums

  9. Okay...I ditto Sarah's comment...RAK? Oh, and how can I win one? It looks pretty cool!

    I have been working on Josiah's scrapbook lately. I am only on month three though.

    Looking forward to Chipotle on Friday. Yum! Yum!

  10. so glad you updated!! :)
    was missing ya blog, great pics of your trip :)
    This is a fun tag right?!
    what an aweosme RAK :)

  11. Ok seriously...we were in the same flippin TOWN and probably at MK on the SAME day and rideing the train at the SAME time and we still didn't see each other.


    And puke in a car doesn't bother me, it bothers my poor hubby. He can't stand it.

  12. precious babe!! what a great looking rak!! (LOL...yeah I know exactly how that sounds!!!) have fun playing!!

    have a fabulous night!!

  13. you deserve it girl ... i can't wait to see what cool things you make. I'm sure you don't look massive (you may feel it!) hope you are putting your feet up and looking after yourself!
    luv chanel

  14. malou1:03 AM

    What an adorable little man your nephew is!!! Awesome rak, too! Can't wait to see the preggy pix.

  15. Glad you're back! And of course you were nominated! Have a great day Jude ... loved your puke story! Kim

  16. Looks like you had a great time on your trip. How can you resist a new baby boy?? He's a sweetie! You're definitely a mom when you find yourself catching puke! Too funny!
    That RAK looks great! I wanna come play!