Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So, can you count???

Can you count? Cause apparently I can't. I went to the doctor last week, and realized I had been been miscounting the number of weeks along that I am in the ol' journey of knockedupedness. Now, the good news is, I am a week ahead of where I thought. So that makes me feel a little better about my girth. The bad news is, I feel like a real moron. I mean, seriously, like I am going to go back and change the scrapbook pages I have done that say "15 weeks, 2o weeks, and 30 weeks." Oh well, so I stink at preggo math, life goes on...

Speaking of life, here are some things I have been working on. These are Ronda's and Carla's Circle Journals. I have two more ready for me to tackle asap. :)

Here is Carla's . The theme: Favorite Photo.Loved doing this!!
**** AND... thanks to an angel over at SIStv, I think these should be clickable to enlarge!!(no more squinting Theresa!!LOL) ****

And here is Ronda's. The theme was EXPLORE. Very open ended, very cool. There are three because the last one has the transparency over it that I used.

Here are a few Deck of Me catch up cards as well....


  1. i love these CJ pages! Those pictures on the beach are so cute! I had such a hard time picking my photo for that journal. The explore one is really cool too! Wait till I send you Melissa's is so beautiful!

  2. These are soooo awesome, Jude!!! Thanks for posting them cuz I needed some inspiration> I liked the challenge, but I've had scrapper's block!!

    Check my blog . . . I tagged you. Hope u don't mind! :) I made it, so I hope I'm doing it right!

  3. i wouldn't change's only a if the doc said .."oh jude your such a moron you are 3 weeks ahead" then i would say girl change it :) you crack me up though....


  4. Guess what? I can't count either...and I'm not even "knocked up"! LOL So, it's all good!!!

    Your LO's look great! Where do you find the time?

  5. Awesome art work Jude! I think ... no one will ever know if you don't tell them about the weeks! It'll be "our" little secret! Kim

  6. mmmm love the cj pages... lookin good. I too sucked at knockupedness math, both times, lol, and that is truly bad. Anyway... I'm wishing you the best of times at Ronda's have scrappy fun..... L

  7. Great stuff! Hope you have a great time hanging out with my wife!

  8. Great layouts and such!
    Loving them...

    I think it's funny that you didn't know how preggo you really were. But, at least you knew you were pregnant :)

  9. gorgeous layouts!!
    see ya tomorrow
    soesn't that sound awesome :)

  10. Wow!!!! Those are some great pages! How fun!!!
    And the preggo math cracked me up! I always got confused by it. I'd try and use months insted of weeks when I could!! lol

  11. it all looks so great. love your cards too!
    have fun with the girls! :-)

  12. since i'm so good at math, and you have your hands full of boys and scrapbooking and being pregnant, i'd like to offer you my counting services.

    you can call me whenever you need, and i'll tell you how many weeks you are along. additionally, i can tell you how many weeks are remaining. i'll do that free of charge, for such a good pal!! :)

  13. miss you girl!!
    so so happy I met you IRL!!
    you are awesome :)
    hope you are home safe and sound :)
    smooches :)

  14. Anonymous10:03 AM

    well miss Julia...I am going to miss your lil accent up here in canadia! i can hardly wait 7 more weeks to meet your lil Julia Roberts...cuz I am having the ol spidey tingle that it's a girl!

  15. Awesome job on the cj, girl! The deck of cards are so very cool, too!

  16. Thank you thank you thank you for fixing this just for "me". Ha ha! I can actually see the big bruise on your leg in the beach photo. Is that a bruise? Ouch! I know why you got back shots instead of frontals. So we wouldn't be able to see the girth!
    Seriously, how do you have time to crank out all this amazing artwork? Eric wants me to pack up my scrap room for 6 months while we build our house! What the?? Prayers please. Lots of them!

  17. oh jude it was you I saw the back of on myrtle beach in the circle journal!!!