Monday, August 28, 2006

Self Portrait Monday... the new RED me!

Well, this will inevitably look like the most VAIN blog post ever, what with all the photos of myself, but... oh well..
I died my hair RED this weekend, with the help of the ever faithful Jen. She was great and I would have chickened out if not for her! LOL. Now, NOTE: I am a hair stylist, I DO NOT reccommend anyone else try this at home... I knew what colors to mix, how my very blonde highlights would effect the outcome, etc. OK, disclaimer over. :)
So, now that I am liking the red, I tried some self portraits today. (elsie flaningan's blog was a big help, she had a little tutorial.)I have tried some recently and let me tell you, I was NOT HAPPY. I looked at those shots of myself and thought, "Good grief! AM I really that UGLY????" Seriously folks, these were not your garden varitey unattractive photos, they were U-G-L-Y. So, when I actually liked some today, I was very happy. I don't think I'm hideous or anything, but I also know I am no "hottie" so... a few good self protraits rocked on a Monday morning OK? I am a SAHM, I need these little bright spots in a world of sippy cups, dirty diapers, and whining.LOL. So, read, lurk, and feel free to leave a comment...

This one is my favorite... me and my little guy. He was even saying "cheeeeese". LOL.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This boy is a thinker...

You may not realize it when you see him, or for that matter when you watch him play, but this boy is a serious thinker... he asks questions that require great thought, and even more careful answers... here is a recent one...

"Mom, what do we wear when we die?"
"Um, whatever we had on I guess..."
"No, I mean, after we are dead and we are going to Heaven to meet God, what do we wear then?"
"Oh. Well, I think the Bible says something about being naked when we enter the world, and naked when we leave it."
"MOM! God will laugh at us if we are naked!"

Yep, watch how you answer... Although, truth be told, I would laugh if a bunch of naked people were at my door...

And here is one more day of the journal to peek at... :) It is about friendship, and I would love it even if it were made without any pretty papers or anything. Friendship alone is an awesome and beautiful gift, and I am so thankful for it.
So lurk, read, comment, etc... until next time...

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ahhh, Friday.

Woohoo... it is Friday! We have had a busy day of grocery shopping. errands, etc., and today I was the person with the bratty kid. You know what I mean, the kid who is crying soooooooo loud in Kohls that you want to crawl under a display. I remained calm though, and even smiled when someone turned and said Hmmm, somebody's not happy." Gee? Really? I thought kids screamed like banshees to let us know they were joyful. Thanks for the heads up, I am better parent now because of your words of wisdom.

(She even looked at me as if to say, "can't you make him stop?" Well, no I can't, because if I spank the child, someone will call social services and report me and we'll be forced to watch the Kohls surveilance video of it on Dateline for the next 6 weeks. So, no, no I can't make him stop.)

Ooops, sorry that was a bit sarcastic wasn't it? OK, now I'm lying, cause I meant to be sarcastic, so can I really be sorry for it? It is one of my gifts. I didn't say it was a good one, I just said I had it. LOL.

Now I will post something happy... Some more LOs from the journal. One look at these and I smile. Smile cause' my sis was here, smile cause my friend Jen was with me, smile because I found such great goodies at the vendor fair. Fun stuff. I know these are not being posted in order. I guess I am just doing it based on what I want to share that day!LOL.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A bittersweet day, and a LO.

My little man started preschool today. Its not a big deal to alot of folks, but it was to me. And those who know me, know I have an extra set of tear ducts and I cry for virtually every emotion I have. There is the happy cry, the sad cry, the mad cry, the stressed cry, the we're out of milk cry, and sadly, there are more. But this is boring, so let's move on eh? Here are a couple of pics from school today... He loved it by the way.

Here are couple of my journal entries for the 31 day journal. I am truly enjoying this process and the whole concept of it. (thanks Adrienne and Toya!) I am learning some good things and some not so good things about myself. LOL. One thing I know... I take the MOST crooked pictures of my LOs. UGH! I tried to scan them in... let's not go there, my scanner is evil. Here ya' go...
Ok, I went a little word sticker crazy with this one, but there was a reason. I had everything done and looked down, and somehow, I got these faint pink lines on my white space of the page. Now, anyone who knows us, knows there is NO PINK anywhere in our house, this IS the house of testosterone, so I don't know where it came from, but more stickers solved the problem!LOL.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

a few thoughts...

About the joy of internet shopping. I am so in love with the idea of packages arriving at my door. It makes me happy, the kids happy, and we get to see our lovely mail-lady, Ms. Diana. (or when she is off, Mr.Tony.) So, today, when I came back from the mailbox, with only a bill from the propane company (gotta love the unexpected "july" fill... at least its full for winter though, right?) Anyway, as I turned to comeback from the mailbox, there I spied that most lovely of sights... a large box specifically needed to hold 12x12 paper - SWEET! I got my new Uniball Signo White Pen ... I LOVE that pen already, and a 7 gypsies stamp - very cool, and some other goodies. So, I am happy, despite the bills. In case you are wondering, I have not been posting many LOs because I have been a good girl and working on my 31 day journal - An idea that I totally STOLE from Adrienne and Toya. Internet idea thievery I tell you. I am guilty, and loving it. So, I close with two of my new favorite pictures of the boys...