Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A bittersweet day, and a LO.

My little man started preschool today. Its not a big deal to alot of folks, but it was to me. And those who know me, know I have an extra set of tear ducts and I cry for virtually every emotion I have. There is the happy cry, the sad cry, the mad cry, the stressed cry, the we're out of milk cry, and sadly, there are more. But this is boring, so let's move on eh? Here are a couple of pics from school today... He loved it by the way.

Here are couple of my journal entries for the 31 day journal. I am truly enjoying this process and the whole concept of it. (thanks Adrienne and Toya!) I am learning some good things and some not so good things about myself. LOL. One thing I know... I take the MOST crooked pictures of my LOs. UGH! I tried to scan them in... let's not go there, my scanner is evil. Here ya' go...
Ok, I went a little word sticker crazy with this one, but there was a reason. I had everything done and looked down, and somehow, I got these faint pink lines on my white space of the page. Now, anyone who knows us, knows there is NO PINK anywhere in our house, this IS the house of testosterone, so I don't know where it came from, but more stickers solved the problem!LOL.


  1. Awwwwwwww, lovin all the staples!!!!!

  2. girl you are doing great with your journal, tfs and look at you little cutie aww, a heartbreaker watch out,lol

  3. Such sweet pictures of you son going to preschool.I understand about the sadness there!
    Love your layouts. Great job!!!