Thursday, August 24, 2006

This boy is a thinker...

You may not realize it when you see him, or for that matter when you watch him play, but this boy is a serious thinker... he asks questions that require great thought, and even more careful answers... here is a recent one...

"Mom, what do we wear when we die?"
"Um, whatever we had on I guess..."
"No, I mean, after we are dead and we are going to Heaven to meet God, what do we wear then?"
"Oh. Well, I think the Bible says something about being naked when we enter the world, and naked when we leave it."
"MOM! God will laugh at us if we are naked!"

Yep, watch how you answer... Although, truth be told, I would laugh if a bunch of naked people were at my door...

And here is one more day of the journal to peek at... :) It is about friendship, and I would love it even if it were made without any pretty papers or anything. Friendship alone is an awesome and beautiful gift, and I am so thankful for it.
So lurk, read, comment, etc... until next time...


  1. What a sweet LO and he is TOO funny! Love the pic of him jumping in the pool! TOYA is almost here! LOL

  2. Aren't kids just the funniest?? and there are some kids who definitely try you with their questions and answers. I loved your conversation!
    And your layout is AWESOME. Love the entire design of it!

  3. You have a very special friend! I think I like her.