Thursday, August 10, 2006

a few thoughts...

About the joy of internet shopping. I am so in love with the idea of packages arriving at my door. It makes me happy, the kids happy, and we get to see our lovely mail-lady, Ms. Diana. (or when she is off, Mr.Tony.) So, today, when I came back from the mailbox, with only a bill from the propane company (gotta love the unexpected "july" fill... at least its full for winter though, right?) Anyway, as I turned to comeback from the mailbox, there I spied that most lovely of sights... a large box specifically needed to hold 12x12 paper - SWEET! I got my new Uniball Signo White Pen ... I LOVE that pen already, and a 7 gypsies stamp - very cool, and some other goodies. So, I am happy, despite the bills. In case you are wondering, I have not been posting many LOs because I have been a good girl and working on my 31 day journal - An idea that I totally STOLE from Adrienne and Toya. Internet idea thievery I tell you. I am guilty, and loving it. So, I close with two of my new favorite pictures of the boys...


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE my white pen! It's gotten to where my layouts are all looking redundant--journaling done with only the white pen. LOL You'll love it too!

  2. i love goodies too and I love the photos they are great!