Friday, August 18, 2006

Ahhh, Friday.

Woohoo... it is Friday! We have had a busy day of grocery shopping. errands, etc., and today I was the person with the bratty kid. You know what I mean, the kid who is crying soooooooo loud in Kohls that you want to crawl under a display. I remained calm though, and even smiled when someone turned and said Hmmm, somebody's not happy." Gee? Really? I thought kids screamed like banshees to let us know they were joyful. Thanks for the heads up, I am better parent now because of your words of wisdom.

(She even looked at me as if to say, "can't you make him stop?" Well, no I can't, because if I spank the child, someone will call social services and report me and we'll be forced to watch the Kohls surveilance video of it on Dateline for the next 6 weeks. So, no, no I can't make him stop.)

Ooops, sorry that was a bit sarcastic wasn't it? OK, now I'm lying, cause I meant to be sarcastic, so can I really be sorry for it? It is one of my gifts. I didn't say it was a good one, I just said I had it. LOL.

Now I will post something happy... Some more LOs from the journal. One look at these and I smile. Smile cause' my sis was here, smile cause my friend Jen was with me, smile because I found such great goodies at the vendor fair. Fun stuff. I know these are not being posted in order. I guess I am just doing it based on what I want to share that day!LOL.


  1. you met donna, cool and great layouts

  2. I can't wait to meet donna next year! Nice Lo's girl!

  3. Cute, cute layouts!!
    Yeah, don't you hate being the one with the rowdy kids at the grocery store? And you remember the days when YOU were the one rolling your eyes at those parents who couldn't control their kids? LOL