Monday, October 29, 2007

RAK winner...

SO, I finally went back and read the weight guesses for Alden. Some of you are so cute thinking I was going to pop out a 7 pounder!! ROFLOL... um, not quite. So... the winner is Ronda with her guess of 9 lbs 6oz. (Remember the big man weighed in at 10lbs, 6½ oz. :) ) So... Ronda, I have something that will be going out to you shortly. :)

In other news, I am back to feeling normal, and the dairycowedness state is going well. SO well in fact that we need to buy another freezer for all the milk. We have an upright freezer, but I am literally cooking the food out of it just to make room for the milk I am freezing. So... we are going to have to invest in another one. I have been searching Craigslist to no avail, so I guess this means we have to head to Sears... unless one of you has one and can send it to me... haha.

I have been reading alot whilst pumping. I have not found an easy way to scrap and do it so... I flew through three books that Melanie sent me. They were great reads, and I will gladly send them on to someone else if you want. ( they were all by Diane Mott Davidson, Catering to Nobody, The LAst Suppers, and The Cereal Murders.) Then last week Saturday I grabbed a Jodi Picoult book, The Pact, while in Target... It was nice and long so I figured it would be a good one to last awhile whilst pumping. (yes, I must say WHILST when referring to pumping, it gives some measure of dignity.) ... um, not so. I could not put it down and finished it by Wednesday. This is why I do not buy books. :) I think I will hit the library this week instead eh?

The six week mark is fast approaching, that means I will need to start some exercising again. Really, your body should get thinner with each child, and in better shape. I mean you are creating life and helping the human race to continue, so it would be a nice perk. Alas, that is not the case, and before anything goes any further south, I must hit the weights.
Here are a couple pictures of Alden smiling. I LOVE it when Lincoln and Emerson get him to, so so cute. :)

Here is my latest LO for UnPubbed, go and participate K??? :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

4 weeks already???

Can it be??? 4 weeks have already passed? I cannot believe it was that long ago that I was buzzing around here in my last fits of nesting, getting ready to give birth. 4 weeks and I am still so in love with my new little man. :)

Where have I been? Because I truly expected to be back in the swing of things in blogland and normal life too...
Well, a nasty case of mastitis rendered me totally and utterly (oh yeah, pun intended... ) out of commission. I have seriously never been in so much pain, and would literally give birth 20 times over rather than endure it again. I am finally starting to feel better, thankfully. And it has helped immensely that Jen, my mother in law and today, my friend Amy have helped with the boys and such. Plus, I am still getting meals brought to me. Yes, I have had 4 weeks of meals from friends and church family... talk about making my life easier. Jen got it all together, scheduled everyone, etc. and has gone waaay above and beyond what the title best friend can say. (and so have the meal volunteers, I mean, we have not had the same thing twice, and everything has been sooo good.)

Sooo... here are a few more pictures from the past couple weeks, and a few life lessons learned ala Jude...
oh, and now that the knockedupedness journey is over, we are entering the Dairycowedness phase... (this is pre mastitis by the way.)

Life lessons from the mom of a newborn...
1. You would not believe how comfortable I have become living, literally in my pajamas. I take this whole blog title thing very seriously you know...

2. A towel placed between the teeth whilst pumping through mastitis will muffle your voice enough so that your visiting mom won't keep asking if you are "okay in there".

3. Though I found the maternity bathing suit (read here) shopping a real D-D-Disaster... the "I am so full of milk bra shopping" is going to prove to be an E-E-Eventful thing as well... and no, I am NOT G-G-Going to elaborate anymore if you don't get that.

4. You should never, and I repeat NEVER place the ibuprofen next to the stool softener they send you home from the hospital with... cause at 11:30 pm the bottles and pills are pretty similar and well... 4 pills later, you will know they are NOT the same!

5. It is okay to not post or comment on your friends blogs for like a month after giving birth cause they will all still love you right???
um... right??? :) :)
This beautiful hooded towel is courtesy of Greta. She made Alden this one, a white one and two burp clothes, all personalized. The woman should open an Etsy shop!! :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Quotes from the first week...

So, now that I am outnumbered, the things these men in my life say are getting quite hilarious...
Here are a few...

Lincoln : Looking at me the day we come home from the hospital, looking at my stomach and saying... "Mom, I think it still looks like you are a little pregnant..."
Seeing my shocked reaction, he reiterates... "Well, just a little..."
Thanks son...

Emerson, as he is watching me pump milk. He has studied the pump's mechanisms and now, seeing the milk in the bottles, says, "Ma, this one beating that one" due to the fact that yes, indeed the left bottle is filling up at a quicker rate than the right. I did not let my mammary glands know there was in fact a race taking place.

Emerson, again...
Opening the fridge and seeing all the bottles of milk lined up... "Oh my goodness, MA! You got alot of milk for the baby!"
Lincoln's response "holy Moley you do!"

Emerson again...
"Ma, when the baby go back in your belly?"

So, we are getting back to normal here, trying to answer e-mails, etc. Alden is a really good baby, even giving us a nice long stretch at night sleeping the last two nights... 10:30-3:45, and 10:00-3:15. Plus, I have mastered setting him up in his boppy to eat whilst I milk, and then we get done a whole lot quicker... necessity is the mother of invention you know... :)

yes, very similar shots, but they were both so cute!!!

It has been asked, so I will tell... there was no epidural involved in the birth. The whole point of getting it is to clam you, needle in my back...not calming to me! Seriously, I think I would freak out.
So, there you have it... an update that technically took me three days to finish up... sad, but true!!