Monday, November 26, 2007


I have my new Dell here and Micah got it set it up this weekend. I am a happy cyber girl now. :) I forgot how many things I rely on my computer for too. Printing pictures, copying documents, uploading LOs, and of course staying in touch with the blog world. Now we just need to get all my scrap stuff cleaned up and this office will be good to go.

We have been busy being parents of a newborn. Alden is now 8 weeks old. Isn't he cute? HeeHee... I know I am biased but... One little dimple cheeked grin from this guy and I am smiling too. He has been doing great at night, about 10-6am... until this weekend. He woke up at 3 and 3:45 a couple times and I was like "Whoa, dude... once you've been to 6am, you don't go back." So, today it was 5am... a tad better, but the other two were 7 and 8 am babies by this point so I am a little perplexed by this matter. I am a woman who likes her sleep you know. Other than that, his dry scalp is the only matter of concern. Come on, I am a hair dresser... it is very important to me for my children to have a healthy, cradle crap free head. And no, that is not a typo, I call it cradle crap. I do a little baby oil/lotion scalp treatment to get rid of it, but old Alden is trying to keep his... again... perplexing me. And the "little" stinker weighed in at 14lbs 8oz. at his 2 month check up. He is a hoss I tell ya.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. We went to Micah's sister's and had a lovely meal whilst children played and screamed and had fun. And Mel, Emerson bit his cousin on the butt. Yes, the butt... as she was climbing up the bed ladder... can you muzzle kids??? LOL. I did NOT shop on Friday. Lincoln and I ran a few errands Saturday and were lucky enough to park next to an entire discarded turkey. Yes, you are reading that right. It was there in the Staples parking lot, all over with its gross looking bones and leftover innerds and such. Really, if you are sleeping out so early that you had to bring your turkey dinner with you, at least clean it up. And hello??? What one earth was so great Staples anyway??? People are nuts I tell ya'.

Here is the Thanksgiving Mini book I made. I just have to get the photos in it now. I love how it came out. I channeled my inner Beth to make a mini in time, and my inner Vee to make the various sized pages. I had to take pictures because my scanner is not working yet. I also think I will add some ribbon to the jump rings ala Ronda. :)

I'll post some pics when it is done and has pictures too.

Now I must go get started on putting away frozen milk and hopefully getting my Christmas mini going... thanks to Beth I have a great little book to use, and I can't wait to get started. I think by virtue of the fact that Beth, the undisputed mini book Queen has touched said book, it should come out wonderfully... :)
ETA: Ok friends, please e-mail me. In the computer switch my addresses are not there in my address book anymore... I am sure there is a way to find them, but this non techno-savvy gal cannot figure it out... Just put "Here's my address you dummy Jude" in the subject line :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Computer Obituary

yes, it is true... we are mourning the loss of my dear HP. He was a good computer, full of little glitches and quirks. Sickness plagued HP as of late and when the final virus took over, there was nothing Micah and his IT guys could do to save him. Our valiant HP underwent reformatting, disk scans and defrags... in the end, he succumbed this weekend and was pronounced dead, officially, tonight. HP leaves behind a grand list of favorites, blog friends and millions of files and photos to numerous to name. In lieu of flowers please send all memorial contributions to the Dell company.

I can grab Micah's computer a bit at night, but other than that I am out of commission until the new one arrives. I can check my e-mail, but cannot send replies. Why??? Like I know, please, I just wrote an obituary for my computer!! LOL.
I did want to say...

Greta - saw your post and was ROFLOL... and hello... I am sitting on 2000 oz. right now! (yes, that is 2000 frozen oz.)

Nicole, Beth, Dawn, Chanel, Melissa,Linda,Tannis, and Kim... I got the baby book today... You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT, and was seriously in tears as I looked through it. Thank you does not cover it. Micah was duly impressed as well. I wish I could scan it and show it off, cause it is so COOL... hopefully soon. The colors are perfect - my favorites too! :) I cannot believe you all did that for us, it is so so so thoughtful. Thanks again, I am truly appreciative beyond words. :)

OKay, that is all the time I can steal for tonight... I still need to order my groceries. I am loving the online grocery shopping... now if only someone else would carry it in from the car! LOL...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Computer troubles...

M computer is very sick, I think I broke it. :( Anyway, I can only hijack Micah's laptop for a few minutes here and there so if I haven't returned an e-mail or visited your blog, forgive me! Hope to be back soon....

Friday, November 02, 2007

yep, we even have indoor plumbing!!

Have your kids ever said anything in public that made you realize people were staring at you like the Bearded Lady at the Circus??? We got to have such an experience at Target last week Saturday. I ventured out with Lincoln and Emerson, and we had to hit the baby aisle to grab a few things for Alden. Lincoln sees one of those racks for the dishwasher that they make for bottle parts.
He immediately says
"Oh, mom, let's get this for Alden"

I replied "No, honey, we can't use that it is for a dishwasher."

This is when THE statement is made...
"Mom, what is a dishwasher?"

This woman looked at me like I had three heads. I just said, "Yep, you are looking at our dishwasher... it is old, moody, doesn't always work well, and needs to be replaced."

I know it is weird in this day and age for people to not have a dishwasher, but we don't and the fact the she looked like that was akin to using an outhouse, struck me as funny. I did have to hold back from saying something along those lines, like... "No, honey we's can't use that until your daddy gits is that fancy indoor toilet and shower!"

Anyhoo... here are some pics from Halloween. We went to the festival at Lincoln's school. Lots of candy, lots of fun. :)

We had Spiderman, (minus the mask, he wanted his ball cap instead...) and a skeleton.

It was hard to get Em to understand that we wanted HIS picture, not the pumpkin's...

The sweetest skeleton ever... When he heard me say I forgot Alden's blanket he ran in the house and got HIS because it would keep Alden "really nice and warm." Awww, what a great big brother.

I toted Alden around the festival in the Baby Bjorn. Let me tell ya' that little fat dog gets HEAVY after two hours and my back is now screaming. He was so cute all snuggled in though, this is him eating his bottle in there even. :)

Good news for the home team too... My friend Sarah and her husband have offered to let us borrow their freezer to store milk. :) That is a HUGE help as we were going to have to buy one this weekend, THANKS GUYS!!!!

ETA: I forgot to include a picture of my mini project for Alden. I got these mini-books from Creative Imaginations last year to use for the baby. There are 12 in a little case, so it is perfect for a little monthly book for Alden's first year. Beth said Ali has something similar in her new book... well, you know great minds DO think alike. HA!!! (don't i wish!) Here is September's book. I did cut off one page cause they are really snug in that case and I knew they would not all fit back in with paper and pictures, etc. That is my only gripe with the them, you can't add any chunky embellishments like buttons, chipboard letters, etc. :( I will be channeling my inner Beth to make these too... if any of you don't know it, she IS the mini book Queen. Seriously, check out her blog and pay her homage...