Friday, November 09, 2007

Computer troubles...

M computer is very sick, I think I broke it. :( Anyway, I can only hijack Micah's laptop for a few minutes here and there so if I haven't returned an e-mail or visited your blog, forgive me! Hope to be back soon....


  1. Come back soon! We must chat again soon. I will call this time!


  2. i have an should make a miniBOOK about your computer being sick and not being able to talk with all of us. hahahaha! totally kidding!

    hope you're back soon!

    p.s. i found those books in a box like you have. yay!

  3. i hate it when that happens .... you feel like you are totally cut off from the world. Hope everything is going really well!
    luv c

  4. oh no!! forgive me for not calling you back the other night. ANTM was good!!! :) let's chat after this week's show! :)

  5. micah let jude have the dang gone laptop...we need to see pics of how much breast milk is left in the fridge!!! LOL

  6. I thought I heard some "technical coughing" coming from you part of the country. Hope all will be well soon. I for one, miss you :-).

  7. iposted something just fo ryou on my blog...the title is Hey Jude...lmao

  8. hey Jude!!! glad all is well with you...hope your computer is up and running soon!! somedays my computer makes me want to throw it right out the window!!! LOL!!

    you had me laughing hard about your dishwasher...having a dishwasher is a novelty to me came with our new house...imagine that...the old cranky one finally got a break!!!! LOL!!!

    love your mini book for alden and I love the idea of creating 12 for his first year....very cool!!!

    and if you can't tell...I am to lazy to comment on each post individually so you get all in one comment!!!

    have a fabulous week!!