Friday, November 02, 2007

yep, we even have indoor plumbing!!

Have your kids ever said anything in public that made you realize people were staring at you like the Bearded Lady at the Circus??? We got to have such an experience at Target last week Saturday. I ventured out with Lincoln and Emerson, and we had to hit the baby aisle to grab a few things for Alden. Lincoln sees one of those racks for the dishwasher that they make for bottle parts.
He immediately says
"Oh, mom, let's get this for Alden"

I replied "No, honey, we can't use that it is for a dishwasher."

This is when THE statement is made...
"Mom, what is a dishwasher?"

This woman looked at me like I had three heads. I just said, "Yep, you are looking at our dishwasher... it is old, moody, doesn't always work well, and needs to be replaced."

I know it is weird in this day and age for people to not have a dishwasher, but we don't and the fact the she looked like that was akin to using an outhouse, struck me as funny. I did have to hold back from saying something along those lines, like... "No, honey we's can't use that until your daddy gits is that fancy indoor toilet and shower!"

Anyhoo... here are some pics from Halloween. We went to the festival at Lincoln's school. Lots of candy, lots of fun. :)

We had Spiderman, (minus the mask, he wanted his ball cap instead...) and a skeleton.

It was hard to get Em to understand that we wanted HIS picture, not the pumpkin's...

The sweetest skeleton ever... When he heard me say I forgot Alden's blanket he ran in the house and got HIS because it would keep Alden "really nice and warm." Awww, what a great big brother.

I toted Alden around the festival in the Baby Bjorn. Let me tell ya' that little fat dog gets HEAVY after two hours and my back is now screaming. He was so cute all snuggled in though, this is him eating his bottle in there even. :)

Good news for the home team too... My friend Sarah and her husband have offered to let us borrow their freezer to store milk. :) That is a HUGE help as we were going to have to buy one this weekend, THANKS GUYS!!!!

ETA: I forgot to include a picture of my mini project for Alden. I got these mini-books from Creative Imaginations last year to use for the baby. There are 12 in a little case, so it is perfect for a little monthly book for Alden's first year. Beth said Ali has something similar in her new book... well, you know great minds DO think alike. HA!!! (don't i wish!) Here is September's book. I did cut off one page cause they are really snug in that case and I knew they would not all fit back in with paper and pictures, etc. That is my only gripe with the them, you can't add any chunky embellishments like buttons, chipboard letters, etc. :( I will be channeling my inner Beth to make these too... if any of you don't know it, she IS the mini book Queen. Seriously, check out her blog and pay her homage...


  1. Oh,thank goodness, someone else without a dishwasher!
    I'm 46 and have never had one, not in my mom's house, not in my first apt, not in any of the three houses I've lived in...
    In fact, when we renovated the kitchen in our home 11 years ago, I TOOK OUT THE KITCHEN AID DISHWASHER THAT WAS ALREADY THERE!
    It was an original (who knows if it even worked!) but I needed cabinet space more than I needed a dishwasher.
    And when we retire to the lake house we're currently renovating? Nope, there will be no dishwasher there either.
    There's always paper plates...

  2. Too funny about the dishwasher!!! Your kids are just adorable and you are looking WONDERFUL!!!

  3. aww he is so sweet looking in the bjorn!

    You have some sweet thoughtful kids Jude! i am glad ya'll had fun trick or treating.

    and the dishwasher...girl i am in tears!

  4. LOL!!!!! That's so funny!!!! Your kids say the silliest things! Seriously diggin' the costumes! Go Spidey!!!!!!

    I can't WAIT to hold little Aiden...smooches****


  5. Love your dishwasher story - hee hee! Your boys are all so sweet! Glad you had fun - hope your back is feeling better! And what a blessing to be able to borrow that freezer! Have a wonderful day Jude! Kim

  6. You are a woman to be admired! For one- birthing a 10+ baby without an epidural. Another- washing dishes BY HAND for a family of FIVE! There are more things about you to be amazed by, but I'll save them for later. I don't want your head swelling too big. Well, ok, just one more. How on earth do you produce so much milk? I pumped round the clock and at each feeding I barely pumped enough to feed the poor little guy. Every 3 hours I'd pump and MAYBE get 4-6 oz. tops each time. Your milk producing genes should be harvested! LOL! And just because the mammary glands are of gigantus proportion does not mean lots of milk will come streaming out of them as I can attest to!

  7. Love your dishwasher story!

    That board book is adorable! SO pretty!

  8. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Love the book, I wish i would have done one for each month of the first year. And yes, Beth is the minibook queen, love her stuff!!

  9. Jude, you are too funny. I can only imagine the look you got from that lady about your lack of a dishwasher. Amazing how people appear so shocked about things.

    The boys look so cute in their halloween outfits. And Alden, oh my goodness! He is SUCH a cutie. I love him already :-).

    The albums is adorable!!!

  10. Oh my goodness. This is such a good post. I thought it was just me in the ole RV that was without a dishwasher.

    The pictures, wonderful and sweet.

    And the book, too cool!!!

    Corey and I are reading from the hotel lobby and our 15 minutes is up on the computer.

    LOVE the book.


  11. love. that. minibook!

  12. LOVE the album! I saw these in M's (i think) and plan on picking them up with a coupon. Who knows what I 'll use them for, but I like them!!

    I couldn't survive without a dishwasher.

  13. You're reading another non-dishwasher owner!!! Alden is so cute--his smile is adorable!! I luv hte little minibook on him, too!

  14. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I love it Jude! I salute you! my mini book for Vaughn has been filed under UFO! Cute ghouls on your street

  15. the boys look so cute all dressed up!! love love LOVE your mini girl! :)

  16. Love those costume Jude..they are so cute - and the comment about the 'fat dog' totally has me lol :)
    And really LOVE that mini - what a great way to keep up with a new baby and get it all down!!
    Glad to hear you survived Target too :)

  17. oh jude! you are so funny! great stories, too. and that little alden is one lucky dude because he is getting some awesome miniBOOKS! #1 of 12 is great!

  18. What a great idea to do for each month of Alden's first year! And your dishwasher story was just so funny!

  19. lol, that is funny
    you know it never gets old how noisy some people are why don't they just mind there own business you know... so what if you son don't know what a dishwasher is,,ridiculous, lol
    still loving little Alden pics, so cute........

  20. Just adorable. that little guy is just too cute. I'm still laughing at the lady though. People are funny aren't they and Kids will always say something to embarass you or make you crack up. I wish you would have made the comment about the toilet and shower....that would have been a very funny thing. Love and hugs.

  21. I miss my Jude! Where is she?

    Right now I'm in Texas loving me up some baby girl!! She's sweet. I'll bet that little Alden is growing like a watered weed! Savahn is a month old and still only weighs barely over 7 pounds.