Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Computer Obituary

yes, it is true... we are mourning the loss of my dear HP. He was a good computer, full of little glitches and quirks. Sickness plagued HP as of late and when the final virus took over, there was nothing Micah and his IT guys could do to save him. Our valiant HP underwent reformatting, disk scans and defrags... in the end, he succumbed this weekend and was pronounced dead, officially, tonight. HP leaves behind a grand list of favorites, blog friends and millions of files and photos to numerous to name. In lieu of flowers please send all memorial contributions to the Dell company.

I can grab Micah's computer a bit at night, but other than that I am out of commission until the new one arrives. I can check my e-mail, but cannot send replies. Why??? Like I know, please, I just wrote an obituary for my computer!! LOL.
I did want to say...

Greta - saw your post and was ROFLOL... and hello... I am sitting on 2000 oz. right now! (yes, that is 2000 frozen oz.)

Nicole, Beth, Dawn, Chanel, Melissa,Linda,Tannis, and Kim... I got the baby book today... You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT, and was seriously in tears as I looked through it. Thank you does not cover it. Micah was duly impressed as well. I wish I could scan it and show it off, cause it is so COOL... hopefully soon. The colors are perfect - my favorites too! :) I cannot believe you all did that for us, it is so so so thoughtful. Thanks again, I am truly appreciative beyond words. :)

OKay, that is all the time I can steal for tonight... I still need to order my groceries. I am loving the online grocery shopping... now if only someone else would carry it in from the car! LOL...


  1. poor computer, but more importantly...poor jude. hope the new one arrives soon!

    yay! so glad you liked your special surprise.

  2. That is so sad!!! Hope your new one gets there soon!!!

  3. A moment of silence for your HP =)
    Feeling for you about losing all your pics. YIKES!
    And, I'm so glad you like the book!
    Have a wonderful day Jude!

  4. By HP...we'll miss you. If it wasn't for you, I never would've gotten to meet Jude. Thanks for everything. Please don't feel like you are being "replaced" by the DELL...even though you are. I'm sure that Jude won't love the DELL more than you...just differently. :-)

    NOW...I've got THAT out of the way :-). Can't wait till you're back up and running.

    I was wondering what was going on with that album. And I'm glad to hear that it was simply on it's way to you. I am SO excited that you like it. I felt honored to be asked to assist with it. Can't wait to see all of it.

    By the way, what's up with ORDERING groceries? We USED to be able to do that here in GA. But not anymore. I miss that SO much!

    Have a groovy day, my friend.

  5. wow girl you could make some money with all that milk...bwhahahahaha

    sorry to here about your HP but dell is the bomb!! lol

    that was very sweet of them to do that book fo ryou...i can't wait to see it

  6. my condolences to your computer!!!

    hope to see you with a new computer soon!!!

  7. So glad the book got there safe and sound!! And so glad you and Micah are enjoying it...
    Also I did take pictures of the book before I sent it out so I could put it in a slide if you would like.
    Hope your all up and running again soon!

  8. Dear HP...you will always be in our thoughts...may you forever rest in peace. Dear Dell, could you hurry up please. Jude needs something new & shining to take away the pain!

  9. yea....I am so glad you got the book. I can't wait til you do post it, it will be wonderful to see what everyone did.

  10. Farewell, dear HP. You will be sorely missed. That is, until your replacement arrives. ;o)

    Did you say 2,000 ounces!! And here I was barely able to squeeze out 6 little measly ounces at each feeding from these excuse for mammary glands. I am so impressed. What's your secret?? You could write a book! Or better yet!! You could open a surrogate mother milk shop for pathetic moms like us who can't produce milk.

  11. Seriously Dell, Hurry up! Don't you know we are all waiting with baited breath to see the latest baby pictures??

    Glad you go the album...it was fun to do a page for your book! :)

  12. Online grocery shopping. Hmmm...not sure if I would like that too much! But it would keep me from buying all those "extras" I always end up buying! :-)

    The baby book sounds beautiful!!! How sweet!!!

  13. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Dell happily took my money...maybe we can get a two for one deal lol! IS there a plot open for my computer beside yours? Glad you love the book, I want to see everyone's pages too! I can't wait til your computer is working so we can see more baby pictures!

  14. i am so glad you got it ... i will post my pic next time i post on my blog. It was so fun ... and i can't wait to see the other girls pages. i know you will treasure something so special forever! such a cool idea from Nicole she is an angel!
    hope you are doing welL!

  15. poor computer, miss you in blogland girl! Happy Thanksgiving!! :)