Thursday, August 23, 2007

I love irony...

I really do love the irony of life at times. I will share this story, and then some journal pages as day 20 contains this tale of delight as well.

I am at Costco, I have been out all morning, running errands, and the gas pumps at Costco are our last stop. The knockeduped one is done for, tired, and worn out. I pull in and all the pumps are full, people literally have all just begun pumping. There, in the last lane, the one nearest a steep embankment, is one lone car... at the BACK pump. I pull in behind the car to wait and do wonder why...

#1 The man is in his car not pulling away if he is done OR...
#2 He doesn't start pumping his gas.

The attendant sees me there, waiting, and goes over to the man's car. He taps on the window... the man is yapping away on his cell phone and literally gives the attendant the annoyed "I am on the phone just a minute" look and the "wait a minute" index finger. He is refusing to move up or pump! Nice....
So, the attendant motions me around, which I hate doing in the last lane, due to aforementioned embankment. But, I am obedient when the Costco man tells me what to do! He stands at the front pump, and helps motion me in... giving me those "a little to the left" and "a little to the right" and "whoa" hand signals. Hmmm... thanks Mr. Costco, I, being the boat driving SUV woman, really do like the help. I am not being sarcastic here, i was glad.

When I get out to pump I notice that I am in the spot totally crooked, taking up the whole lane. Ok, so Mr. Costco is sweet, but not the best at the hand motions... or so I thought.

Finally, stupid cell phone yapper gets out to pump his gas. Well... nice of you to join us. He is talking so stinking loud too... I seriously think, I will chuck that cell phone over the embankment into the fake enviro-friendly pond below if he curses loud enough for my kids to hear again.

He doesn't, so I set up the pump and settle in for the wait. You see, the pumps aren't super fast, and I am filling the Excursion's 40 gallon tank, and yep, the gas light is on. I am usually there long enough to have converstions with the attendants it takes so long to fill up. I watch all the other cars come and go. It really takes a Looooong time. It is then that I realize what is happening. Cell phone yapper is done pumping and is now waiting on me because I am taking up the whole lane... Mr. Costco... YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I laughed the whole time I waited. Irony... I love it sometimes... :)

here are the pages...

Monday, August 20, 2007

25 days left...

Yep, it is true... 25 days left on this here knockedupedness journey. I am in high gear nesting mode, and spent Saturday with my pal, Mr.Clean and his magic eraser, scrubbing down all the kitchen cupboards. I also washed all the baby clothes, got the car seat and pack n play ready.
I am ready for this baby to come and that is unusual. I normally like the due date to be the due date, cause I am a planner. I was thrilled when I was a week late with Emerson... I spent every day of that week swimming and sun tanning and feeling like I had a week of vacation. (cause I had planned everything until the due date!!LOL) But this time...

I am tired of being tired.

So, blah, blah, blah, no one comes here to hear the big girl complain so I will stop... I'll save it all up for Micah... the lucky guy! hahahahaha.

We have had a busy day of doctor appointments, running to Target and Costco, and trying not to sweat to death. It is 97 again today, and is supposed to stay that all week. I still think it is funny to see people watch me lug around heavy stuff at stores and not offer to help. I am not expecting to be treated like a queen, but wow, if Micah saw some preggo woman lifting and putting a WATER COOLER in her cart, he would dang skippy help! I manage fine, so this is technically not complaining, I just think the looks are funny ya' know???

Lincoln starts school on Wednesday and I am sure to be a big ball of knockeduped blubbering.

On a happy note, our lawn care guy, the one who thought I was a runaway Mom, he seems to have warmed up to me and we now chat. I think he is my favorite person this week because he acted all shocked when I stepped outside to pay him and saw I was pregnant. Yes, I am choosing to look on the sunny side of that one, because in truth it means I've just looked like some beer gutted, redneck, runaway mom all these months.

Wow, could this be anymore random of a post??? OK, i must stop before I bore you all to tears... Here are the last few days of my journal...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where can I get this mallet???

This was in the paper this morning. I laughed, and truly thought, "Where can I get one of those mallets?"

This will be short and sweet, cause I am fat and tired... :) We are off to the pool again to fend off the the 100 weather.
Here are the latest journal entries, (haven't scanned the last two days) and my LO for Unpubbed. As you can see by the Unpubbed LO and the day 13 one, I am really using stuff that is sitting on my desk... LOL.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday stuff...

So it is Saturday. I am heading to Target to get school supplies and various whatnots. Unless something happens there, this is sure to be the MOST boring blogpost ever. See Chrissy, this is why I shouldn't update on a regular basis, I am such a boring person in real life!
Thank you for all the kind assurances about the size of my cheeks. (the face ones... LOL, but hey, a girl can use some encouragement about the other ones too at this point ya' know. haha)
I am glad to know that I am not weird for thinking that was an inappropriate comment to make to someone. I have been, as poor Micah calls it "ornery" lately... I am usually quite the happy knockeduped one, but this week, I am a case study in the over production of estrogen or something. Totally not like my normal self. (NOTE: Micah you are not allowed to comment on that last statement either, I know you are reading this!)
Moving on... I got duped by my own Huck Finn system. (see this post to read about that.) Lincoln has started saying things like ,

"Mom, why do I have to do so many chores and you don't?"
I, being the kindhearted woman that I am went down a list a mile long of things I had done for him and the family that morning alone, making him answer me about who did them... i.e.)
Mean mom: "Who got your cereal this morning?"
Lincoln: "you did."
Mean mom: "and who went to the store and bought the milk for it?"
L:" You did"
MM: "and who works every day so we have money to buy the milk?"
L: "Daddy"

We went on like this for a good while, and yep, he got the point. I want my kids to understand that contributing to the family is part of being in the family. Well, that kids does do alot of helpful things, so when he complained the other day, I was bested by his thinking...
MM: "who bought your clothes?"
L: "you"
MM: and who works to pay for them?"
L: "daddy"
MM: "and who does the laundry?"
L:"yo-- WAIT! we BOTH do that Mom."

Dang, he is right, that kid totally helps do the laundry all the time, and has even asked to help fold it now. (per the Huck Finning system, I am with holding the folding and adding of detergent though) SO, yes, I did admit he was quite the good helper, and encouraged him about how that was a great thing to be, and blah, blah, blah... bested by a 5 yr. old.

That same 5 yr. old also told me this week that my changing my mind on him about plans was "inappropriate". Seriously. He said "Mom, you shouldn't do that to children, it is confusing and inappropriate."
Where does he get this stuff from???
You all have Chrissy to thank for this most boring of blog posts, she practically dared me to update more often... :)

Moving on, here are some more of the 31 day pages. Hope everyone has a lovely day...

ETA: I just got some phone calls and had an interesting day yesterday, so I admit it, I was in a crappy mood... until I just checked my mail and found this from none other than the blog dare girl, Chrissy!!

Now I am going to make today's journal page to add in this post... Thanks beyond thanks Chrissy... you have great timing! :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I should be...

Technically this was written on Monday, but it took until today to get it all posted...

So, I should totally be doing other things. We have company coming for dinner and I have not cleaned up the house at all, or showered, and unlike my usual have -enough -food -to -make- any -meal- on -hand -self- I need to run to the grocery store. So, instead I am writing a blog entry... how productive of me eh?
I had an odd occurance today. I saw someone I had not seen in a while and they told me they knew I was pregnant last time they saw me, which was before we told people, because, and I quote,

"Your face was so full."

HUH??? What??? Did I just hear that? Why would you tell anyone, especially someone who is already big and pregnant that? I just said, "Um, really... OK."

What am I supposed to say?
"Hey, thanks for telling me my face looked fat months ago, I must look like a blowfish now huh?"
or maybe the now I am going to embarass you approach "Really, cause I wasn't even pregnant then!"
I did neither though, oddly self control, not one of my more typical character traits kept me in check. Plus, enough other people are lying to me about how wonderful I look. Yeah, I have reached that glorious point in the knockedupedness journey where people lie about "how small you look", or how "you make pregnancy look so easy" etc. Not that they are being fake or anything, I think it just comes to the point where they realize, they need to throw the big girl a little bone ya' know? And bless them for it, cause it does make me feel good!! LOL...

So, in closing, DO NOT tell any of your knockeduped friends that their face looks "Full" this is an insult in any form or fashion.
Secondly, the kind words of encouragement will keep that knockeduped one going, even if you think she looks like a beached whale and is starting to waddle a bit.

Here are some LOs from the 31 Day Journal, courtesy of your favorite blowfish, Jude.

*** There is also a flickr show at right I added last week to show all these LOs in one place***

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The pigs are flying...

Yes, I use that term way too often, but since I am posting TWICE in the same week, I do in fact think there are some little swine flying by my window as I type. Chrissy thought it could not, neigh WOULD not, be done, but I am proving her wrong and posting some more stuff I have been working on...

But first a little walk in my shoes shall we...

I can now safely say I will never be a small car person. My vehicle, the boat of an SUV, needed to have a little check up and I was forced to drive Micah's car. I hated every minute of it, save the ones where I realized, "Hey! I can actually fit in that space near the store!" So, the boys and I pile in head to the doctor for my appointment, which essentially entails them asking

"Still pregnant?"

Me: "Um, yeah"

Dr. "Okay, see ya' in a couple of weeks!"

So, we leave and run some errands. This is why I loathe the small car... It is such a PAIN to get in and out of! Seriously, I feel like I am jumping DOWN into it, and getting out??? Well, that is just plain embarrassing. See, I twisted my knee last time I drove it trying to just hop out. SO, I am now forced to place both legs outside the car, on the pavement, like an old person and hoist myself and all this girth out. I eliminated some of my errands for the pure fact that I didn't want to have to get in and out again. So, in theory, yes, I did save some gas because of the better mileage. In truth though, I will go out again tomorrow with my nice big, climb up into it, SUV which will make for an extra trip. So, really, I have done the environment no favors by driving a smaller car. Plus it made me feel like a big fat sow clambering in and our of it like I had to. Hmmm... looky there, swines have been mentioned twice in the same post... I think I would like some bacon now... (okay, is turkey bacon, but still... )

Here we go with the creative side of my ramblings...

First off, these are my entries into Linda's Circle Journal. Hard to believe that next month is the last one for that "circle of friends"... I have really enjoyed it and I cannot wait to get mine back, I must admit. I think I am the only loser who posts full out scans of the entries, rather than sneak peeks... sorry! This one was so fun to do, She had us look up the definition of the word BOLD then pull out part of it that spoke to us about ourselves. When I read the words "forceful in expression" I KNEW I had the part of the definition that applied to me... :)

(That is a transparency over the second page as well.)

and my sign in tag...

And here is Day 2 and 3 of the 31 day journal... I told you these would be simple, I am using stuff on my desk, scraps, and some old stash stuff that is either getting used or going when we reorganize the office. So, in other words, don't expect much creativity!! LOL...

And two more Deck of Me catch up cards. I am determined to get all caught up this week, and then be very Beth like and STAY caught up! LOL...

Off to clean up the baby's future room... :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August already???

So, it August. I cannot believe it is here, and soon a new little one be at my house too... Just six more weeks of knockedupedness left. I am going to be kicking in the high gear nesting soon... I am hoping to get the office aka my scrap space redone. Paint, set up my new table, (which we already have) and maybe, just maybe score some of the cool mo Expedite shelves from IKEA. Only problem there is that its as much to ship them as the stinking shelves cost! So... we'll see...

So, since I like stressing myself out, I am also starting a 31 day journal. I did this last August after seeing Toya and Adrienne's. The idea they have is simple... You scrap a page each day, for 31 days. I think it will be neat to see the things I was doing one year ago and then compare them at the end of this month. Anyone want to join me??? The idea behind the pages is quick and simple... no HOF stress here folks...

Here is today's page: Photo courtesy of Karla. Who made a sweet LO with it. (its on her blog) And she made me cry. Her and Ronda both!!

And here are my pages for Ronda's Circle Journal. "The Magic of Life" A special note... I did NOT use green and blue, and I did NOT sand a single photo. The tick in my face is sure to go away soon right???

And here is a LO from my trip to Denver. We all made Amber give us a mini class in the "Amber style". I embraced my inner Hambly, and that is a bad, bad, thing. I must not purchase Hambly until after the baby is born... saving money is goooood... these are the mantras I must force myself to say as I drool over the website. Amber was a great teacher, and I am glad I got to be in her first "class". Seriously talented folks. I mean, she even inspired me to use a bird on my LO! (SHOCK!!) And yes, that is a mannequin (thanks to Tannis for the proper spelling of that word. You Spelling Bee Queen you!!!) I am with. No need to fear...