Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where can I get this mallet???

This was in the paper this morning. I laughed, and truly thought, "Where can I get one of those mallets?"

This will be short and sweet, cause I am fat and tired... :) We are off to the pool again to fend off the the 100 weather.
Here are the latest journal entries, (haven't scanned the last two days) and my LO for Unpubbed. As you can see by the Unpubbed LO and the day 13 one, I am really using stuff that is sitting on my desk... LOL.


  1. what are doing trying to win the who posts the most award???? LOL Can't believe I've missed so many posts lately...anyway...just read the rest of them down below and you are just a scrappn momma lately. Getting some stuff done. Good for you. I have been working on a mini albumn and it's testing me lately...I have'nt had a lot of the creative mojo if you know what I mean. Anywhoo, love the conversation with the kiddo and all the beaUtimus scrappy stuff... Have a good day friend. L

  2. a lost tooth already?? Crap! Is that what's next?? I love that Lincoln is like a preview for me.

    Love all your pages and that you're keeping up with it in your "condition."


  3. You're really scrap-roductive, Jude!! :) Great stuff!! Hey, I want that mallet!!!

  4. Seriously. need a mallet too. :)
    And love the pages - what you can do with 'what's just laying on your desk' is quite amazing!

  5. snickers!!
    I love that, i shipped your pen today :)
    love your layouts esp. the lazy one :)

  6. When you find ond of these mallets, can I borrow it? :-)

    LOVE the LO's.

  7. The cartoon is great! Love all the LO's too. I have 12 months until Jake goes to Kindergarten and I'm all ready flippin out about it. But he's going to lose teeth too? jeeze i'm not ready for all this growing up stuff.

  8. 100 degree weather?? no's cooled off quite nicely here...settling into fall..yup you read that right!!!

    love the new pages!!! and the comic strip totally cracked me up!!

    have a fabulous weekend!!

  9. Oh, I love that you used fiber on a layout and actually made it look good! HA ha!! That Lincoln is one handsome boy! Not that Em isn't with all those beautiful curls. They're both gorgeous like their mama. (Did I miss something? Where'd the black eye come from?)
    PS- as we were packing and moving this week and I was emptying out my fridge, I thought of your mom as I removed bottles of stuff with an '05 expire date! LOLQ