Saturday, August 04, 2007

The pigs are flying...

Yes, I use that term way too often, but since I am posting TWICE in the same week, I do in fact think there are some little swine flying by my window as I type. Chrissy thought it could not, neigh WOULD not, be done, but I am proving her wrong and posting some more stuff I have been working on...

But first a little walk in my shoes shall we...

I can now safely say I will never be a small car person. My vehicle, the boat of an SUV, needed to have a little check up and I was forced to drive Micah's car. I hated every minute of it, save the ones where I realized, "Hey! I can actually fit in that space near the store!" So, the boys and I pile in head to the doctor for my appointment, which essentially entails them asking

"Still pregnant?"

Me: "Um, yeah"

Dr. "Okay, see ya' in a couple of weeks!"

So, we leave and run some errands. This is why I loathe the small car... It is such a PAIN to get in and out of! Seriously, I feel like I am jumping DOWN into it, and getting out??? Well, that is just plain embarrassing. See, I twisted my knee last time I drove it trying to just hop out. SO, I am now forced to place both legs outside the car, on the pavement, like an old person and hoist myself and all this girth out. I eliminated some of my errands for the pure fact that I didn't want to have to get in and out again. So, in theory, yes, I did save some gas because of the better mileage. In truth though, I will go out again tomorrow with my nice big, climb up into it, SUV which will make for an extra trip. So, really, I have done the environment no favors by driving a smaller car. Plus it made me feel like a big fat sow clambering in and our of it like I had to. Hmmm... looky there, swines have been mentioned twice in the same post... I think I would like some bacon now... (okay, is turkey bacon, but still... )

Here we go with the creative side of my ramblings...

First off, these are my entries into Linda's Circle Journal. Hard to believe that next month is the last one for that "circle of friends"... I have really enjoyed it and I cannot wait to get mine back, I must admit. I think I am the only loser who posts full out scans of the entries, rather than sneak peeks... sorry! This one was so fun to do, She had us look up the definition of the word BOLD then pull out part of it that spoke to us about ourselves. When I read the words "forceful in expression" I KNEW I had the part of the definition that applied to me... :)

(That is a transparency over the second page as well.)

and my sign in tag...

And here is Day 2 and 3 of the 31 day journal... I told you these would be simple, I am using stuff on my desk, scraps, and some old stash stuff that is either getting used or going when we reorganize the office. So, in other words, don't expect much creativity!! LOL...

And two more Deck of Me catch up cards. I am determined to get all caught up this week, and then be very Beth like and STAY caught up! LOL...

Off to clean up the baby's future room... :)


  1. Jude, you crack me up. But girl, I truly feel you with regards to the small car thing. Several weeks ago, I had some work done on my van and surprisingly enough, the dealership put me in a rental van. I was happy about that...especially considering I had to drive it for 3 days.

    But the next time I had work done, they put me in the UGLIEST...Uh...Car! I said, "Is this ALL you've got?!?!?" "Yes, Ma'am!!" they answer. ARGH!!! Fortunately, I only had to have that for one day.

    Marque drives a car and it's not too bad when I have to drive it. But I'd sure rather be ABOVE everyone (so to speak). Although I'm STILL not feeling having a VAN (argh), I'd rather that than a car.

    Your LO's ROCK!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. :) Proved me wrong.

    Love your girth stories. It's so funny picturing you hoisting yourself out of the car.

    All the pages and cards are super and it looks like Lincoln did a very good job with his diapering. Maybe the Huck Finning will work in baby duties?

    Love that last card.


  3. Everything looks great! So glad you all had a good time together! Thanks so much for your message that day for Amber!

    You rock! Maybe one day I will get to meet you and your hubby!

  4. I totally know what you mean about the little cars!! Even though I dreaded the idea of a minivan I have a feeling I will be driving one for a long, long time - and really do love it!
    LOVE that page with the boys practicing up on the diapering :) How sweet for this new baby to have two brothers getting ready for it's arrival!!

  5. I can totally see you driving in a little car you and your pregnant funny :)

    Like all the layouts and cards and such...


  6. dude, you are cracking me UP!!!
    i so feel you on driving cars.
    when I ride in a car now i feel like I am in a sardine can
    yeah, no more cars for me either!! :)
    love love all of your pages,
    yeah little creativity my foot!!

  7. You crack me up! Totally feel ya about the little car thing. Right now I'm driving a Honda, and it's Ok...but I do miss driving our big truck...and even though no one belived was SO much easier when I was pregnant.
    Love all your pages and've been busy!

  8. Totally love what you did in my CJ Can't wait to get mine back, but ya know, will certainly miss doin it with all you girls...Maybe there's another one in store for us?????? think on it. But truly, lovn' the car story...I myself have not driven anything but trucks and Suv's for longer than I can remember...... And I'm not pregos and I'm not a big person and I still feel like a very old, very fat PIG getting out of one. They just aren't made right, ya know.....LOL...Love ya girl... Hope that baby is doing fine..... L

  9. I am with you one the little cars. I just can't go back to hard. I so need to catch up on my day! Oh I post full blown CJ pages.....when I am not being lazy and actually take the picture!

  10. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    I drive an itty bitty car as well, and it is the pits trying to get in and out of it when I'm wearing heels. So, I can totally relate to you.

    Love your cards and awesome layouts!

  11. Awww, I remember those days..not much longer now lol. Great pages!

  12. Wow!!! Look at all that great stuff you're creating!!!

  13. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I am caught up on all my scrappiness hence the delay in everyone's blog catch up! I can't wait to see the babes room. I am wishing you a girl! BTW you should totally patent the IRL term and get all rich and famous from it. Oh, I jacked the term already so don't sue me after it's patented. One more note to self- Have your baby on September 6th and Vaughn and your bb can have the same birthday. hugs

  14. tooo funny!!
    i tagged you on my blog-
    have a great big car day.

  15. how in the world do you get all that done? I am truly amazed at your talent. I'm also super jealous as well but it's a good jealous though.

    I love your layouts I love simple!

  16. Oh yes I can't drive anything that's not SUV's just not right. I have the smallest of all SUV's a Honda CRV and Big C drives the Suburban which I have room for everything and everyone in that thing!

  17. malou6:08 PM

    LOve your peeks of the cj, you did such a wonderful job can't wait to see all the creations from you ladies when I get back mine!