Monday, August 20, 2007

25 days left...

Yep, it is true... 25 days left on this here knockedupedness journey. I am in high gear nesting mode, and spent Saturday with my pal, Mr.Clean and his magic eraser, scrubbing down all the kitchen cupboards. I also washed all the baby clothes, got the car seat and pack n play ready.
I am ready for this baby to come and that is unusual. I normally like the due date to be the due date, cause I am a planner. I was thrilled when I was a week late with Emerson... I spent every day of that week swimming and sun tanning and feeling like I had a week of vacation. (cause I had planned everything until the due date!!LOL) But this time...

I am tired of being tired.

So, blah, blah, blah, no one comes here to hear the big girl complain so I will stop... I'll save it all up for Micah... the lucky guy! hahahahaha.

We have had a busy day of doctor appointments, running to Target and Costco, and trying not to sweat to death. It is 97 again today, and is supposed to stay that all week. I still think it is funny to see people watch me lug around heavy stuff at stores and not offer to help. I am not expecting to be treated like a queen, but wow, if Micah saw some preggo woman lifting and putting a WATER COOLER in her cart, he would dang skippy help! I manage fine, so this is technically not complaining, I just think the looks are funny ya' know???

Lincoln starts school on Wednesday and I am sure to be a big ball of knockeduped blubbering.

On a happy note, our lawn care guy, the one who thought I was a runaway Mom, he seems to have warmed up to me and we now chat. I think he is my favorite person this week because he acted all shocked when I stepped outside to pay him and saw I was pregnant. Yes, I am choosing to look on the sunny side of that one, because in truth it means I've just looked like some beer gutted, redneck, runaway mom all these months.

Wow, could this be anymore random of a post??? OK, i must stop before I bore you all to tears... Here are the last few days of my journal...


  1. LOL so glad you and the lawn guy are finally on the same page, although I will truly miss some of the random little thoughts you place in his head. I'm lovin it.

    I honestly must say you look absolutely gorgeous in your knockedupedness and you also look like you are ready to be done with it. How you manage to plan everything out is beyond me, I'm sort of a wing it kind a girl (to a certain extent). I find it makes my otherwise boring life a little on the fun side. JK Anyway, yes you may be happy that Kaitie is home. It's better for her and no one but no one can take better care of her then me. That said, she's still a pain in the butt. LOL. Have a great knockedup day.

  2. Jude, you look so cute. How come no side view this time? I can't believe people don't help you when they see you doing some heavy lifting. Personally, I think if a WOMAN is having to pick up something heavy, she should be helped ANYWAY. And when she's pregnant...oh MY!!! I would've helped you, lol

    Great LO's. Keep up the good work. By the way, looking forward to your visit and so are Archivers and IKEA...I told them you were coming...LOL.

  3. You look beautiful! 25 days and counting. The last month is just the most exhausting. I can't believe someone wouldn't help you with a big water thingy! And I can't believe you actually picked it up!
    Glad you are so prepared, I can't wait to see that little baby!
    P.S. Melissa's CJ is on it's way!

  4. Wow, no gentlemen? Are you in Washington?? Surely you aren't talking of the "Southern Charm?"

    Southern people get two strikes when they're rude...shame, shame.

    25 days, wow. Can't wait to see pictures of little Christina or Christian{subtle hint there}.

    Love all the pages! Especially the Baywatch one, too funny!


  5. You are so cute Jude...all pregnant and glowing...even though it is the end - remember to enjoy it - before you know it, it will be over!!
    And I have to say I love your posts - and just when you say I'm going to bore...I'm mad that there isn't more.
    And on a final note - need to shout out for Bunco...played last Thursday at my MOMs times :)

  6. You are just the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen! You look great!

  7. Jude, you look so good in that pic! You have that pg glow, yet the I'm so ready to go look to you. I know exactly what you mean about people not helping the pg woman out. Where are all the true gents out there?

  8. Jude, you look fantastic!!!! HOpe you delivery is safe and smooth!!!!

  9. okay
    1. i wish i looked as good as you do preggers, um all the time
    2. love the netflix envelope on the l/o - gonna have to jack it
    3. you are a trip
    4. i remember walking into CHURCH preggers with cases of juice boxes and the men didn't even hold the door. although we are a little further north...
    5. i hope your babes comes early - it's too hot!
    6. rock on

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  11. girl, you look so cute, I can't wait to see the babies first pics, I wish you so much luck and your layouts are wonderful girl

  12. You look amazing!! And how's that magic eraser thing? I've been wanting to try one. I guess any cleaning product would work better than the ones I have at my house. Problem is, I don't pick them up and use them!!! But I do wanna try that eraser.

  13. haha!!! glad to hear the lawn guy is finally looking at you as something other than a derranged mother!!!

    you are beautiful in all your preggers glory!!!

    i am so excited for you to have this baby you would think i was the one pregnant...omgosh...did i just say that..shhh!!

    have a fabulous evening darling!!

  14. lol, i am glad his "views" have changed, I can still hear the story about him when we were at Ronda's. You are such a cutie, girlie :)
    I can't wait to see the baby!! :) May have to make a special trip after he/she is born so I can see y'all :)

  15. Anonymous11:35 PM

    beer gutted red neck????
    Oh that is it! you better quit talkin smack about this gorgeous pregnant gal I know, or I will come there and kick your a@#!
    you look so beautiful honey! I miss you bunches! If you need any surrogate aunties, let me know and I will be on the first red eye the second you say EPIDURAL!!!!
    My new little surrogate neice needs some delish outfits from one who has been stylin a princess for the past seven years! I hope it goes quick, but for the record- you don't look tired! Hook me up with that beauty secret.

  16. I am Nicole's cousin. Just wanted to let you know that you look gorgeous. I must say I am curious to find out what you are having. I cannot believe you only have 25 days to go!

  17. LOL!!! I loved all your random thoughts!!! So glad the lawn guy is appreciating your pregnant beauty!!
    Your pic is great! I never looked that good when I was Knocked Up!

    Good luck as you go through the last days. I'm sure I've just missed it here somewhere--but is it a boy or girl?

    Have a great weekend!

  18. JUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEEEE, girl it is almost time. Wow...almost poppin time! Girl I can not WAIT!!!!! You still look so beautiful!

    And boo to the peeps who wouldn't help a sista out. I swear it's like people think they will get the plague form ANYTHING now-a-days. Girl it's all good. Your so freakin' strong anyway. Even if you have an 7lb 11oz baby in the belly. Yeah that's my prediction and I will be requesting a prize! LOL!!!!

    Have a relaxing night honey,

  19. hi sweets, hope you are feeling ok ... i can tell you are over it! hang in there and try and enjoy the last couple of weeks! its so exciting that a new baby is coming your way soon ... a miracle!
    love your pages ... of course!
    luv c

  20. You are rocking all the layouts. Man I can sympathize with you on the "ready to be done" pregnancy. Both of mine where in August. I was hot, I was tired, and I was ready! So happy to hear the Lawn Man is warming up to you!

  21. Have I told you lately what a beautiful preggo you are?? OMGosh, you're so gorgeous! My fav l/o is of the boys sitting together reading a book. It's one of those l/o's you look at and you get this warm feeling in your heart. I have to ask- where'd all those curls come from? Just a big ole mop of curls. Connor has them too and I just love them!

  22. Jude, you'll have to train Micah to update your blog just in case you go into labor early, so we don't put an APB out on you. We all wanna know if you're bringing home pink (or purple- ha ha, jk) or blue. Or maybe train Jen. But please don't leave your friends hanging....