Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday stuff...

So it is Saturday. I am heading to Target to get school supplies and various whatnots. Unless something happens there, this is sure to be the MOST boring blogpost ever. See Chrissy, this is why I shouldn't update on a regular basis, I am such a boring person in real life!
Thank you for all the kind assurances about the size of my cheeks. (the face ones... LOL, but hey, a girl can use some encouragement about the other ones too at this point ya' know. haha)
I am glad to know that I am not weird for thinking that was an inappropriate comment to make to someone. I have been, as poor Micah calls it "ornery" lately... I am usually quite the happy knockeduped one, but this week, I am a case study in the over production of estrogen or something. Totally not like my normal self. (NOTE: Micah you are not allowed to comment on that last statement either, I know you are reading this!)
Moving on... I got duped by my own Huck Finn system. (see this post to read about that.) Lincoln has started saying things like ,

"Mom, why do I have to do so many chores and you don't?"
I, being the kindhearted woman that I am went down a list a mile long of things I had done for him and the family that morning alone, making him answer me about who did them... i.e.)
Mean mom: "Who got your cereal this morning?"
Lincoln: "you did."
Mean mom: "and who went to the store and bought the milk for it?"
L:" You did"
MM: "and who works every day so we have money to buy the milk?"
L: "Daddy"

We went on like this for a good while, and yep, he got the point. I want my kids to understand that contributing to the family is part of being in the family. Well, that kids does do alot of helpful things, so when he complained the other day, I was bested by his thinking...
MM: "who bought your clothes?"
L: "you"
MM: and who works to pay for them?"
L: "daddy"
MM: "and who does the laundry?"
L:"yo-- WAIT! we BOTH do that Mom."

Dang, he is right, that kid totally helps do the laundry all the time, and has even asked to help fold it now. (per the Huck Finning system, I am with holding the folding and adding of detergent though) SO, yes, I did admit he was quite the good helper, and encouraged him about how that was a great thing to be, and blah, blah, blah... bested by a 5 yr. old.

That same 5 yr. old also told me this week that my changing my mind on him about plans was "inappropriate". Seriously. He said "Mom, you shouldn't do that to children, it is confusing and inappropriate."
Where does he get this stuff from???
You all have Chrissy to thank for this most boring of blog posts, she practically dared me to update more often... :)

Moving on, here are some more of the 31 day pages. Hope everyone has a lovely day...

ETA: I just got some phone calls and had an interesting day yesterday, so I admit it, I was in a crappy mood... until I just checked my mail and found this from none other than the blog dare girl, Chrissy!!

Now I am going to make today's journal page to add in this post... Thanks beyond thanks Chrissy... you have great timing! :)


  1. awww, I made it into your daily book?!? That's awesome.

    And that post was NOT boring! I'm glad I nagged{apparently I'm good at it, ask Sean}. LOVE that you're keeping up with the daily journal, love the little journal spots!

    AND those self portraits are ALL good. What are you talkin' about, didn't get any...

    So funny about Licoln calling you out, too! It's all our fault really for teaching them to talk.

    Hoping you have a happy Monday and don't have to meet any quotas!

  2. Love your LO's, especially the journaling. Great post!

  3. girl your posts are never boring!! ;)
    i so agree with you about children having chores, builds responsibility
    love your goodies and as always your your self portraits :)

  4. hey jude!!! so glad you updated!!! love the logic and intellect of children...they really do know more than us...but shh...don't tell them that!! LOL!!

    great pages!!! very cool album idea!!!

  5. Girl I hear ya for real! And man...that baby should be poppin' on out any moment now!!!!!!!!!!

    Say...that is a Sharpie pen. I got it at Hobby Lobby in the ART section where all the lamps are.

    Did anyone tell you that you're beautiful?


  6. love working with school supplies, and your posts are never boring,, never, lol

  7. Seriously, just make stuff up. In your knockeduped state of mind, we would accept it as a regular post.


    Love the layouts...they are all great!!

  8. that was not a boring post...see what none of us seem to realize is that we all LOVE reading about other peoples boring lives! HA! I always think my posts are boring too.
    I totally have to work harder on the 'ol Huck Finn thing. I'm doing too much and Jake is 4 now, surely I can Huck him into some more chores.
    Love, love all your daily pages. I still haven't started any. I think about it and then it doesn't happen :(

  9. ok the layouts are awesome, but the post wasn't boring before that. LOL I'm pretty much guaranteed a laugh over here. the 'confusing and inappropriate' comment is sooo funny. It's hard to imagine a 5yr old saying that.
    Have a good one!

  10. too cute! I am glad that every mommy gets one of those kids that makes you stop and think "wait a minute"...gotta love em huh? And school supplies...don't even get me started! Apparently my daughter needs 30 pencils, 6 erasers and 8 glue for 2nd grade!!! Are they kidding?? Hang in there "jules"

  11. gosh i misscatching up on your blog. cant wait to take some time and read up on what you have been doing. amazing layouts as always.

    thankyou for staying in touch on my blog even though i have been MIA lately.

  12. Luving the layouts!!so varied!!!! AH, yes, "bested" by the youngster. Cute story!! :)

  13. 5 year olds really know the word inappropriate? No way, get out of here!!!

  14. OMGosh! I'm rolling. When I read your statement that Micah said "You're ornery", instead my eyes played tricks on me and I saw, "Micah says I'm horney". LOL!! I'm thinking, "Uh, that's what got you into this shape to begin with!! LOL!! OMGosh! I need my eyes checked!!

  15. ETA-
    I never get huck finn questions from my teenager because he just doesn't do anything to begin with!! But that's cute.

  16. Love all of your pages, especially the self-portrait! :-)