Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I should be...

Technically this was written on Monday, but it took until today to get it all posted...

So, I should totally be doing other things. We have company coming for dinner and I have not cleaned up the house at all, or showered, and unlike my usual have -enough -food -to -make- any -meal- on -hand -self- I need to run to the grocery store. So, instead I am writing a blog entry... how productive of me eh?
I had an odd occurance today. I saw someone I had not seen in a while and they told me they knew I was pregnant last time they saw me, which was before we told people, because, and I quote,

"Your face was so full."

HUH??? What??? Did I just hear that? Why would you tell anyone, especially someone who is already big and pregnant that? I just said, "Um, really... OK."

What am I supposed to say?
"Hey, thanks for telling me my face looked fat months ago, I must look like a blowfish now huh?"
or maybe the now I am going to embarass you approach "Really, cause I wasn't even pregnant then!"
I did neither though, oddly self control, not one of my more typical character traits kept me in check. Plus, enough other people are lying to me about how wonderful I look. Yeah, I have reached that glorious point in the knockedupedness journey where people lie about "how small you look", or how "you make pregnancy look so easy" etc. Not that they are being fake or anything, I think it just comes to the point where they realize, they need to throw the big girl a little bone ya' know? And bless them for it, cause it does make me feel good!! LOL...

So, in closing, DO NOT tell any of your knockeduped friends that their face looks "Full" this is an insult in any form or fashion.
Secondly, the kind words of encouragement will keep that knockeduped one going, even if you think she looks like a beached whale and is starting to waddle a bit.

Here are some LOs from the 31 Day Journal, courtesy of your favorite blowfish, Jude.

*** There is also a flickr show at right I added last week to show all these LOs in one place***


  1. :) I didn't think your face was "full" at all, and waddling is perfectly acceptable at this point in the game.

    Yay for staying on top of the journal, it kinda goes along with Ali Edwards new project she sent out in her newsletter. Be sure to check it out.

    Love the M&M's page!


  2. i think that is a southern thing, you know, no filter. lol
    my gamily has no quams about telling me i have gained weight and what not each time they see me.
    ha, you are gorgeous girl!! :)
    love your pages!!

  3. You are too much. What if I was to say that your BLOG is looking a litle full :-). That too, is a good thing.

    I've not even seen you in person and I think you AND your LO's look wonderful!!

  4. I think it is so funny what people have the nerve to say to women when they are it is a free for all on the neighbor made a similar comment when I told her I was pregnant with William - rude!
    Anyway love the layouts - and totally agree with Chrissy - right on track with what Ali is doing - very cool!

  5. That's rude!!! I think you look wonderful!

  6. Dude, your face is so NOT full! And I'm not saying that just to make you feel better! WHY do people say that stuff?

  7. Love the layouts...the M&M one is great :)

    You should have told them that they looked full too. Seriously, people need to keep their comments to themselves.

  8. people never seem to amaze me and their comments...i'll shoot you an email on my experience tomorrow

    love your layouts

  9. Great pages! I love the last one especially!!
    and thanks for the heads-up. The full face comment will not ever be made by me!!

  10. I had someone once tell me they didn't want to say anything because they thought I was just getting fat. Oh gee....thanks... LOL Anyway, regardless of what you say you do look good and knockedup women are beautiful. Love the journal you are doing. Happy day.

  11. I had someone once tell me they didn't want to say anything because they thought I was just getting fat. Oh gee....thanks... LOL Anyway, regardless of what you say you do look good and knockedup women are beautiful. Love the journal you are doing. Happy day.

  12. So does your face really look full!! Just joking but hopefully you can handle a joke from me!!!

  13. Bless your heart! When I was pregnant with my first, I was in my best friends wedding....two weeks before I delivered! Now I look back and get to see just how "full" my face was everytime I see her wedding pics! Oh well, at least we had good reasons.

  14. okay...totally laughing right now!! make looking like a beached whale beautiful and easy??? LOL!!!

    seriously tho...I think you are beautiful in all your knockeduped glory!!! So excited that you are closing in on your due date!!!

    love the pages...what a cool thing to do!!

    have a fabulous night!!

    ciao bella chica!!

  15. Hi Jude, you would not believe the things that were said to me when I was preggers with Drew. Stuff like " you're HUGE!!" with same emphasis on the word huge. And "your butt has spread and your nose got big--you must be having a girl." Here's the worst one-- "I can tell you're having a girl, they suck all of the beauty out of you"
    Can you believe it!!!!????
    I've gotta stop typing this--I'm getting mad all over again, LOL!!

    Anyways, you know yr beautiful--people can be great, but they can also be idiots! :0

  16. Jude ... I always laugh when I read your blog. As for your friend .... how rude!!!! Loving your 31 entries! What a fabulous idea! So impressed that you have the energy for that! Have a great day my friend! Kim

  17. Lol! Gotta love when people put their foot in their mouth. Gives you lots to laugh about later tho. And you look awesome! Pregnancy gives all women "the glow." :-)

  18. Jude, don't pay attention to that stupid comment. You're beautiful. I tell you that all the time. Even as pregnant as you are, you still look skinnier than me! LOL!

    By the way, where are you? Are you going to call me when that baby gets here or will we have to send out an APB???