Thursday, August 23, 2007

I love irony...

I really do love the irony of life at times. I will share this story, and then some journal pages as day 20 contains this tale of delight as well.

I am at Costco, I have been out all morning, running errands, and the gas pumps at Costco are our last stop. The knockeduped one is done for, tired, and worn out. I pull in and all the pumps are full, people literally have all just begun pumping. There, in the last lane, the one nearest a steep embankment, is one lone car... at the BACK pump. I pull in behind the car to wait and do wonder why...

#1 The man is in his car not pulling away if he is done OR...
#2 He doesn't start pumping his gas.

The attendant sees me there, waiting, and goes over to the man's car. He taps on the window... the man is yapping away on his cell phone and literally gives the attendant the annoyed "I am on the phone just a minute" look and the "wait a minute" index finger. He is refusing to move up or pump! Nice....
So, the attendant motions me around, which I hate doing in the last lane, due to aforementioned embankment. But, I am obedient when the Costco man tells me what to do! He stands at the front pump, and helps motion me in... giving me those "a little to the left" and "a little to the right" and "whoa" hand signals. Hmmm... thanks Mr. Costco, I, being the boat driving SUV woman, really do like the help. I am not being sarcastic here, i was glad.

When I get out to pump I notice that I am in the spot totally crooked, taking up the whole lane. Ok, so Mr. Costco is sweet, but not the best at the hand motions... or so I thought.

Finally, stupid cell phone yapper gets out to pump his gas. Well... nice of you to join us. He is talking so stinking loud too... I seriously think, I will chuck that cell phone over the embankment into the fake enviro-friendly pond below if he curses loud enough for my kids to hear again.

He doesn't, so I set up the pump and settle in for the wait. You see, the pumps aren't super fast, and I am filling the Excursion's 40 gallon tank, and yep, the gas light is on. I am usually there long enough to have converstions with the attendants it takes so long to fill up. I watch all the other cars come and go. It really takes a Looooong time. It is then that I realize what is happening. Cell phone yapper is done pumping and is now waiting on me because I am taking up the whole lane... Mr. Costco... YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I laughed the whole time I waited. Irony... I love it sometimes... :)

here are the pages...


  1. ha ha! totally love your Costco story. Serves Mr. Cell phone talker right! People like that just bug me!
    Love your journal pages. What's it like having a Kindergartener?
    And...where DID Vee get that white sharpie? I've been looking all over for one and can't find them anywhere. What a sweet gal to send you one :)

  2. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Life is just great sometimes, isn't it? great story, thanks for sharing!!

  3. good story! :)

    hope to chat with you soon.

  4. ROFLOL! TOo funny! Love the Lo's!

  5. Seriously you crack me up Jude!!
    And love the pages...

  6. Great story! People like Mr. cell phone talker really irk me too! Love all those layouts too.

  7. What a great story...LOVE IT!!!

    I get really annoyed with "those" people who think they are the only ones on the planet...and on the rare occasion that another human shows up, they now have to wait for "those" people. ARGH!!!

    LOVE the LO's too. You rock!! Have a groovy day!

  8. LMBO funny!!! I love that story, in your face cellphone dude!! :)
    you are using the sharpie with the quickness!! love it and all of you layouts are so so pretty, love them all. :)

  9. :) I hope the pump was running extra slow that day.

    Hope the baby is treating you well today!

  10. oh girl that is brilliant...brialliant i tell have to scrap that story for sure....

    love all your pages

  11. What goes around comes it when it happens like that. Love, Love those pages!

  12. jude... i love you and your stories! Im crackin up! I can just SEE you telling the stories!! Oh... silly Mr. Costco!!

  13. Ahhhh, life is good huh! I absolutely detest the rudeness of cellphonaholics. I was in line at the grocery store just the other day and some older woman (she was because she was older than me)....anyway, some gal is on her cell phone just chit chatty Kathy with someone on the other end. She is so absorbed in the the conversation that she keeps stopping while pulling out her wallet and goin uhhuh, yep. Yeah. No you gotta be kidding. Me, I'm standing there trying to figure out the easiest and fastest way to grab the cursed cell phone and shove it somewhere. Know what I mean. I hate that. But I do love the irony of the story. I'm loving it.

  14. LOL, he totally got what he deserved!

  15. HA! Irony at its best!
    Great pages Jude!

  16. I have what I like to call "Passive Aggressive Road Rage". I get so furious with people (especially cell phone gabbers) and I imagine vividly what sorts of road rage I would like to participate in. Then, remembering I have a lovely monster strapped in the backseat, I just give a thumbs up and move on.

    I love to hear tales of stupid drivers as the victims of their own stupidity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people pass everyone on the right at 90 miles per hour in a traffic jam and then NO ONE will let them in. It's my favorite.

    I should start a whole blog dedicated solely to my frustration with other drivers.
    If that's not Passive Aggressive, I don't know what is.

  17. Turn around brings about fair play. Love it!

  18. Yay, Mr. Costco Man!!! good for that cell phone yapper being put to his place! The nerve of him!

  19. i love instant karma.:) enjoy your week.

  20. Thanks for the luv, Jude! I got my monkey today!! :) And it's too hot here for soup (I think 87degrees yesterday was too hot), but I eat soup and drink hot tea all year (I'm silly like that, I guess.)
    Still hangin in with the babe-in-belli? :)

  21. it. Hope cell phone chatter learned his lesson well!

    Don't mess with a pregnant woman and her 40 Gallon SUV :)

  22. Anonymous11:17 PM

    U are so funny! In your state I am surprised you didnt go tap on the window...that would have been funny!I miss you girl!

  23. Great story! Love your LO. Hope to see you sometime on my blog, Mika

  24. Ha HAAAAAAAA You always have a good read! I miss you girl and your pages are so neat! Your kids are so CUTE!!!!!!! I hope you have a relaxing Labor day honey :)


  25. Anonymous6:00 PM

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