Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August already???

So, it August. I cannot believe it is here, and soon a new little one be at my house too... Just six more weeks of knockedupedness left. I am going to be kicking in the high gear nesting soon... I am hoping to get the office aka my scrap space redone. Paint, set up my new table, (which we already have) and maybe, just maybe score some of the cool mo Expedite shelves from IKEA. Only problem there is that its as much to ship them as the stinking shelves cost! So... we'll see...

So, since I like stressing myself out, I am also starting a 31 day journal. I did this last August after seeing Toya and Adrienne's. The idea they have is simple... You scrap a page each day, for 31 days. I think it will be neat to see the things I was doing one year ago and then compare them at the end of this month. Anyone want to join me??? The idea behind the pages is quick and simple... no HOF stress here folks...

Here is today's page: Photo courtesy of Karla. Who made a sweet LO with it. (its on her blog) And she made me cry. Her and Ronda both!!

And here are my pages for Ronda's Circle Journal. "The Magic of Life" A special note... I did NOT use green and blue, and I did NOT sand a single photo. The tick in my face is sure to go away soon right???

And here is a LO from my trip to Denver. We all made Amber give us a mini class in the "Amber style". I embraced my inner Hambly, and that is a bad, bad, thing. I must not purchase Hambly until after the baby is born... saving money is goooood... these are the mantras I must force myself to say as I drool over the website. Amber was a great teacher, and I am glad I got to be in her first "class". Seriously talented folks. I mean, she even inspired me to use a bird on my LO! (SHOCK!!) And yes, that is a mannequin (thanks to Tannis for the proper spelling of that word. You Spelling Bee Queen you!!!) I am with. No need to fear...


  1. Great LO's Jude!!!

  2. Cute, cute LO's! That pic of you that Karla took is beautiful!

  3. Yay, a Jude post!! Will this be the only one in August or...j/k.

    I am so glad we had that special little moment together, you molesting the manequin and me capturing it. A special moment "fo shore."


  4. You're pages are great! I love Ronda's CJ pages :) I keep seeing pics of you all over the are one hot chick! :) Love the idea of the 31 days of LOs...I don't know how I'd ever find the time.
    Can you believe you only have 6 more weeks?! It's gonna fly by!

  5. let's see here...i live pretty close to an ikea. would it be cheaper for me to just deliver the shelves? :) how cool would that be?

    your layouts look great and i am seriously considering the 31 day journal, but would have to start in sept. hmmm....maybe i should make a miniBOOK...i've never made one.

    hope you are doing great!

    your friend with the mn accent

  6. Oh my goodness that is a bird on your LO *gasp*...was is a blog post once where the bird was shot down from all it's glory - LOL?!
    The other layouts look great!! I would love to do a 31 day journal - but I already have a little project for August :) Nothing major - just the type of thing that takes me lots of time :)
    And seriously again can't believe you are getting so close...can't wait!

  7. awe darlin. love those layouts and so glad you enjoyed my first class. miss you love... xoxo

  8. love what you are doing with your los. Beautiful....saw that pic of you on Jessi's site and thought I'd die laughing at you and Karla D. Too funny. So excited for you that it's almost time for the little one. How fun and how precious. Can't wait to see THOSE pics. xoxoxo L

  9. awesome layouts jude.

  10. I did that 30 day journal thing once. It's alot of work! But more power to ya!
    You have great handwriting. So glad I can read it now. I love the crochet pretties you used on the "Man"iqun (Sp?) layout. Very pretty. Oh, and the butterfly bling. Cute.

  11. Also...
    I used that quote by Marcel Proust in a CJ I was in with 8 friends. I LOVE that quote. It pretty much sums up the reason why I scrap.

  12. Goodness honey...I can't wait to see the pics of your new stuff! There is an Ikea in Cali and I visited once. None here in OK but man I think I am missing out from all the great things I hear about it. I hope there is one in TN.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your creations and what a cool idea for the 31 day journal! Shoot I have yet to do another ART card! :)

    chat soon,

  13. malou4:27 PM

    LOve the lo's! Especially the one w/the MAN nequin (i don't know if I spelled it right!)Hambly's are so awesome, love 'em!

  14. I can't believe you didn't use green or blue! No sanding, no painting! I love that layout Karla very beautiful....just like you!

  15. great LO's girl ... i love the manequin one, so funny! you are a crack up!
    good luck with the 31 day journal .. sounds fuN! luv c

  16. I'm in love with your MAGIC pages!!! Oh I love them!!!