Monday, September 22, 2014

Stop Osteening Your Life

In the last couple of weeks there has been a storm of Christian fury toward Victoria Osteen after she said this:

(Yeah, I used the one with Bill Cosby. How could I not? It is BILL COSBY.)

And while I am the first to admit that what she said was completely and utterly unbiblical and wrong, I think the reason so many folks got their feathers ruffled was because...

We actually believe this.
We actually live like this.
We actually DO this.

We like to think we dress up for church... for Jesus.
We like to think we sing songs... for Jesus.
We like to think we fellowship... for Jesus.
We like to think we do all this "Christian" stuff... for Jesus.

But deep down, a lot of times, it is for ourselves.
That's why when tough times come, or we have to choose between truth and our comfort zone, we turn a deaf ear. Our self gratification trumps everything else.

"Na-na-na-na. I can't hear you. Don't tell me anything to spoil my good time."
"Jesus, I love you, but don't mess with the comfy christian bubble I have created."
"I like things the way they are, don't mess with it, no matter the reason."

Because you see, if your comfort zone is a glorified social club gathering on Sundays, or a marriage that never endures a truly hard time, or a life who's biggest struggle is which new color to repaint your kitchen... you might just be missing it.

You might just be Osteening your life.

Doing it for yourself under the banner of "All for Jesus."

So before we get our torches ready to burn ol' Vicky at the stake, let's ask ourselves...

Who Am I Really Doing It All For? 
Because the minute your convictions are compromised for your comfort zone... you will have your answer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"The Ends"

Whenever one writes about one's life via a blog or the internet, we know we are opening ourselves up for criticism. I mean, it is the internet, and what you share is seen by any and all. I was still disappointed to read that someone felt the need to rebuke a mom for blogging about the sadness of sending her daughter off to college.
Way to go snarky mom.

I understood what the blog writer was saying because of  what I call, "The Ends" and how very hard I have been taking them.
What are "The Ends"?
They are the different phases of your child's life that eventually end
and once they are over... they.are.over.

Diapers and Bottles... ended.
Itty Bitty socks and shoes... ended.
Baby spoons and sippy cups... ended.
Little tub toys... ended.
Plastic food parties... ended.

And you see, it will just keep happening.
They will end watching cartoons and Disney movies.
They will end reading Curious George books.
They will end needing help to shower, get ready, dress.

Just today, Emerson informed me he didn't want a character band-aid.
"Just a plain one please, Mom." My heart hurt a little.
Yes, over something so seemingly inconsequential. But it was still... an end.

The silver lining is that with each end, there is a new phase just beginning.

Cartoons may end, so that book discussions can begin.
Plastic food may end, so that legos can begin.
Diapers end, so that little boy boxer briefs can begin. (ahem and so that parents don't go broke.)

I have mourned so many ends, while embracing so many beginnings.
So to that sweet mama who felt the bittersweet sting of both as she sent her girl off to college...

It is okay to be sad about The End.
I am sure you will enjoy the next beginning too...