Monday, June 26, 2006

My surprise from my husband!!!!!!!!!

I was SHOCKED when I got back from my trip to Austria... Here is a picture of what my DH surprised me with! I thought my son was saying "beagle" but he was actually saying "vehicle" as in we got you a new vehicle! This is the exact color, type, etc. that I would have picked too... he knows me too well! I wanted one of these for a long time, so what a GREAT surprise!

Trip to Vienna... amazing!

Here are some shots from my trip to Austria with my sister. We had so much fun, there was so much to see and I took almost 300 pictures, so I had to choose these few for the ol' blog... :) It was amazing some of the things we got to see... Painting from 1200 AD, crypts complete with open coffins... YEp, I mean real dead people, right there, out in the open. I was inches from the face of a man who died in 1769! (they are "mummified" so it wasn't too gross!) Me and my sister, (who gave me this trip as a birthday present!how cool is she??) this is at a fort overlooking the city of Salzburg. We LOVED that city, it was so beautiful, quaint, and yet, has some great "city" features.
Lake Konigssee. This is in Southern Germany. The water here is crystal clear, drinking water quality. There were lots of cute shops and older German people were dressed in traditional lederhosen... very cool!
The view from the bridge in Salzburg... you could just sit by this water for hours with a good book! That is the fort we toured in the distance.
St. Stephans in Vienna... huge church, beautiful paintings, very ornate, I'd never seen anything like it!
Oh yes... the Apple Strudel... YUM! I had this dessert four times... I love apple desserts :)