Saturday, December 04, 2010

Thank you Santa, and the arctic air...

This blog post is brought to you courtesy of the lovely arctic blast that brought this to our doorstep. We are celebrating with Parmesan Corn Chowder, Yeast Rolls, Spinach Salad, and fresh made Apple Pie. Nothing says we love snow more than a meal that is guaranteed to add a layer to one's girth. :)
Snow just makes it feel more like Christmas.
And Hadji's 6inch snowman was quite lovely. It was so small it needed a baby carrot for a nose.
It's late, I am tired, so, good night. This ends the lamest post ever. I mean, it was technically about weather. Isn't that how you know a relationship is pretty much over and in boringsville? When you talk about weather? Maybe tomorrow I can talk about some physical ailments to really spice up the excitement factor. Just think, only 21 more days of this torture, I mean "fun".

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