Friday, December 24, 2010

The Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, but the highlight for me was holding Alden this afternoon while he slept. Ok, while we both slept. On the couch. While there was a rousing and insanely long game of manapolly being played. As he stirred and I looked at his beautiful face, I was struck with how Mary must have felt as she held a son that she knew was born to die. There is no way I would ever give one of my children for any human on this earth. Yet, Jesus was given to us, by God, when would knowingly reject Him, disappoint Him, ignore Him, and even fight against Him. I honestly cannot imagine. I have tons of photos from today, and lots of fun memories, but I just wanted to share that simple thought.

Amazing love, how can it be, that you my King, would die for me?

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