Thursday, December 09, 2010

Santa Claus Day and the under-appreciated Lifesavers

This morning was Santa Claus Day here at the casa. My three little boys put their shoes out by the door with the excited expectation that Santa would stop by and drop them off an early little Christmas Treat. This is an old German tradition. (However, in Germany, kids leave the boots outside the door and if they have been bad, they get a branch instead of a treat. Poor Hadji would have a forest by now if we were really following this tradition closely...)
Anyhoo, I stuffed the boys shoes with smarties, some kitkats, nestle crunch bars, and topped it off with lifesavers. (Lifesavers, are in fact a candy that if I have, they always want, so I thought them a good idea. Plus, they were on sale. Even St. Nicholas has to consider the current economy you know)
Well, Hadji came down, looked at those lifesaver filled shoes and made this face:
Yes, I wanted to smack his ungrateful behind as he disdainfully noted, "Lifesavers?" with a tone the implied St. Nick had stuffed day old fish in his shoes. After a brief rebuke and a stern warning of impending doom, he seemed more appreciative. Or... maybe it was just that he had finally discovered, there was indeed chocolate.

Alden of course, who has no memory of previous Santa Claus Days, was E-LATED about the lifesavers; a normally verboten candy. (you will have to look that German word up)
Lincoln immediately dumped his out and counted his Lifesavers and proudly proclaimed how many he had. I reminded him that bigger shoes did NOT equal more candy, and any number comparison would render his candy count to a zero. Then we all loaded the candy into one big bowl. I think Santa would want me to be in charge of the candy distribution, don't you?

This last photo has nothing to due with above story. I simply like the mammoth snarl that my little stinker woke up with.
Happy December 9th, and please, this holiday season, don't forget the Lifesavers, one of the most looked over mints of the season...


  1. Oh Emerson....He's so cute, how do you stay mad.

    And Mr. Alden is just growing up too fast. He's like this...kid now. :(

    I can't judge Lincoln's looks, there are no shots of him. Maybe tomorrow? He must have that first child thing going on. There are never any of Simon on my blog anymore either. :)

  2. funny how their attitudes changes when they get something of their own and don't feel like they are taking something of yours - we have the same thing around here with gum!
    cute though...alden does look super excited about anything in that shoe :)

  3. A great story! Your guys are getting so big!

  4. There's always that one kid who you want to send to Africa to show them how others live so that they'll come back BEGGING for lifesavers!!!

    My daughter is just the same sometimes...unappreciative...that's when my husband promptly takes her to see his grandmother who lives in the projects and she's all better within the hour!!!