Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am going in...

I think this comic pretty much sums it up...

Tomorrow is the day. I will be entering the most dangerous holiday place of all time. If you know me and have ever read this blog before you know, the post office and I, we have a history. It is not a good history either.
Thanks to school being cancelled because of ice, today's PO run was put off. I am looking at the stuff I still need to wrap, and then mail, and then actually take to the PO. It never fails. I will have to wait in a 30 minute line, or will have something mislabeled, or in the wrong envelope. (why not make international priority envelopes a different color or something? I have heart failure every time I grab one and get told it will be $235 to mail something to Buffalo. )
So, in I go. Tomorrow. I think I would rather give birth, get a tooth pulled, or eat a bug. Well, a small bug. Maybe.
We'll see. If you never hear from me again, you will know... I didn't make it out alive...



  1. yikes.

    although, i was sure you were going to say you were going to the mall. which i do not recommend.

  2. Girl, I have made it the ENTIRE month with no trips to the P.O. :D I would actually, seriously, rather give birth than go there.

    I'm with Sarah. I thought you were going to say the mall or even{shhhh} Wal-mart.

    I hope you survive with your sanity in tact! AND AND AND I hope you at least don't have to take any small people with you. Heavens to Betsy, that would make a horrible situation tragic.

  3. Just'll be fine. :) I hate the PO too. But I'm guessing yours isn't as ghetto as the one we have here in Oakland. My kids were in awe of the 4 inch thick bullet proof plexiglass that goes from ceiling to counter with a teeny tiny slit to pass a pen or a book of stamps under. And the security officers everywhere. And the yelling. Because you just can't hear through 4 inches of bullet proof plexiglass. I ♥ Oakland!