Monday, December 20, 2010

Construction Zone...

It all starts with this innocent looking box...

And these cute supplies...

That is how they rope mothers into buying these gingerbread house kits. They really are senseless and kind of gross when you think of it...
Here kids. We are going to make a house... out of very heavy, ginger flavored dough. Then we will expect it to stand with the aid of some... frosting,of course! Nothing says super heavy duty sealant like a crisco based item. Next we put on hard candies, gum drops (which should not even technically get the privilege of being termed a "candy".) peppermints, and other assorted items.

The final step is real genius, and was clearly started by someone without three little boys. We tell the children, "Ok, enjoy... by LOOKING at it." Yes, we expect our kids to get joy out merely sticking frosting laden candies on the leaning tower of ginger, and not want to eat it.


And yet... we make them every year. I will be honest, I fear food poisoning if my boys attempt to eat this one. I got the kit last year, just days before Christmas, and well... we never got around to making it, so I, uh... you know... saved it. Ok, there I said it. We made a one year old gingerbread house, and you know what? I am a little concerned frankly. That gingerbread was still soft! What is it made of? Cotton? Oh well... here's to hoping no one loses dental work trying to nibble on those candies!


  1. hey, you have the same little snack bowls we do! :)
    I don't think it's gross or weird that you used a ginger bread house from last year. I would be weird and gross if you ate it though.
    It's also not surprising how it's still soft. Have you seen that Flickr stream that shows a McD's Happy Meal (the same exact one) every day for like 6 months? (probably longer than that now) Anyway, the hamburger looks EXACTLY the same 120 days later as it did on day 1. Not even any mold on it. THAT is gross.

  2. Oh, LOL! I thought I was the only one who feared the food agree, these things are ick, but the kids love them. lol I always want to make my own, but that is way too ambitious, lol! Cute pics!