Friday, December 10, 2010

Retro Holiday...

Christmas 1980something

I wish we had had digital photos in the 80s. Perhaps, then, there would be more than approximately 13 pictures of me from birth to age 16. Oh, wait, what was that noise? Yes, there it is. It is the sound of Jude, hopping on the Bitter Bus for a little ride. I am the underphotographed fourth child, and have no qualms about sharing the far reaching effects of that mistreatment. Hang on, this chip is slipping off my shoulder. Ok, back to my tirade, I mean, post.

Since I have so few photos of me as a child, not only do I have no clue what I even looked like, but I usually covet and cling to photos from yesteryear. When a friend said she had some from when were in Girl Scouts together, I had to remind myself not to stalk her for them, or encourage her to purchase a scanner that very day.

In my mother's defense, and for anyone who was born post 1990, if you were a child of film, you know, pictures were more costly to acquire back then. Holy Hannah. I just used the term "back then" in relation to my own childhood. I think I just felt a wrinkle form somewhere on my face. Anyway, film was not cheap, developing it was expensive, and you didn't get to take 50 shots of you and your pals for "fun". Closed your eyes in that shot? Too bad sucker. You would never know until you got back that envelope of photos and negatives from the local drugstore, or if you were brave, York photos. (Here is where my sister will be cursing mad, and join me on my bus, as York sent her someone else's photos instead of an entire roll of my graduation. She mailed theirs back. Apparently, the other people liked me, and kept ours. She never used York again, and we still question if I really did graduate.)

So, the point? Pictures were not plentiful and they are now thought of as precious in my book.

Here are a few. Happy Retro Day. And for the love of all that is digital, take some pictures of your kids. Every day. Lest they turn into bitter... well, just pick up the camera and shoot ok?

My first Christmas at the 2361

I don't know if this is the holidays, but there is snow.

My Micah. I will include him, though he is an overphotographed firsty.

Micah+tissue paper=cute.

PS If you had to ask someone what a negative is, please just don't tell me.


  1. i love the old photos jude!! and oh my word do i see emmerson in that first photo of you :)

  2. I already feel sorry for our last born child. Life is not fair.