Thursday, December 02, 2010

Photo Madness

Ah, the holidays... when we ask small children to wear scratchy sweaters and pose in series of fake snowy scenes to grace our Christmas cards or scrapbooks or one of those odd braggy letters we call "family updates". I am not one such mom. I would however like, just occasionally, a photo where one of my children is not picking their nasal cavity like they've discovered a tunnel to a candy factory. I mean, we get kid A to smile and kid B is picking. Kid B is picking and then Kid C decides to smile. By the time they are all looking at the camera, smiles lovingly threatened into place, someone farts.

Here is a series of shots. Why post the bad ones you say? Because it grates on my every nerve when people pose only perfect pictures of their kids all the time, as if no one ever nose picks. Or farts. Or licks their brother's face. Ok, maybe that last one is just our clan...

Sadly, I think this was our best shot... there's always next year...


  1. haha! so great. it's REAL. love it :)

  2. love it jude!! so true!

  3. They're getting so big! So glad that it's not just my kids that never pose all at the same time!