Tuesday, December 07, 2010

December Daily...

So, each December for the last five Decembers, I have started a little album called a "December Daily." It was the brain child of a famous scrapbook lady named Ali. Yes, there are famous scrapbook ladies, and lest you chuckle, well... there is no lest involved, chuckle away, cause that is a pretty lame statement when I read it back. Anyhoo... December Daily. You basically make a scrapbook page for each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Here is my track record.

2006 - Started. Never Finished.
2007 - Started. Finished. On Time.
2008 - Started. Finished roughly three weeks ago.
2009 - Started. Still sitting under my desk stuck on Day 7.
2010 - Started. And...

UP TO DATE! Yeah, take that December Daily. UP.TO.DATE.

And now, now I just realized I junk-talked my own scrapbook. I have become the Queen of the Nerds. Lord, let there be a crown at least.

Here is proof. I know, this is only 4 days. I haven't photographed the other ones yet. I can't be that on top of things, it throws the procrastination world order curve off.

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  1. it's looking great jude...way to go on keeping up on it!! and for the record i haven't completed one page yet :)