Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yes, that is a phonetic title. Lincoln sounded out the game "Monopoly" but he keeps saying it "Manapolly." I am not going to lie. I find this highly annoying.
Almost as annoying as actually playing Manapolly. I used to play it alot as a kid, with my friends Jen and Kelley. They may be shocked to learn, I am not the Manapolly genius they thought me to be. Every time I was the banker I totally cheated. Yep, how's that for true confessions?
I always like the first ten minutes or so. You buy some property, pay a few $14 rents, and enjoy trying to land on Free Parking. Once the properties are bought up and the trading starts, that is when I begin to get bored. Trade me this, give me that, build a house here, blah, blah, blah... The fun ended for me when the shopping for real estate was over.
So,today, Micah decided it was time for our children to learn this fine, fine game... Manapolly.
Here we are:

Lincoln. Sadly, his car lost steam pretty quick.

Micah. The Battleship.

Hadji, of course, as the Dog.

What else could I be but the Shoe?

The End.
Oh, you want to know who won? It came down to me and Hadji and after a few go rounds I actually begged to go make lunch to get out of the game. Apparently, he beat me. Oh Manapolly, they love you, and now I shall be forced to play you for years to come.
Stinkin' Manapolly.


  1. Hey Jude, they have a fun kids version of monopoly--where it's at a theme park/fair setting. A game is usually done in 10-15 min. It's fun, quick, and OVER soon! We were surprised at how much we liked playing it. :)

  2. Pete went and bought Monopoly last year and declared it The Best Game Ever and shouted that We MUST play this now! See, I'm an only child...and only children rarely get to play board games with other people. Yes, I played games all by myself. Another reason I refused to make Jake an only child. So I never knew just how long this game goes on. I'm with you...after the initial property shopping I'm totally OVER it! LOL!