Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday...

I know lots of people do this "fun" little thing, where they post pictures of what they wore on their blogs. Well, considering the name of this blog, you should probably not hold your breath for that becoming a regular feature any time soon.
Do you really need to know that Monday, I never left the house, and hence, never got out of my plaid pajamas? Or that today, I literally wore long johns and a sweatshirt that I have owned for a minimum of 10 years? The best part of wearing the long johns? I had company. Yes, a visitor was in my home while I wore long johns. The other best part was when she came in the door and happily exclaimed, "You weren't kidding in that text, you really are wearing long johns Jude!" then showing her that they were, in fact men's long johns Thankfully my ultra-durable Champion sweatshirt covered the urination flap. Yeah, I am not sure what you would call that feature on a pair of long johns, so I am going with Urination Flap.

So, is that all this blog is about today? Well, um, sort of. I mean, we are on DAY 8 folks. I warned you this would be painful, and if you aren't wanting a blogging vicodin by now, you are of hearty stock.

PS There is no photo, and for that you should be counting your blessings...


  1. I love you! I love that there is someone 3,000 miles away that appreciates a good PJ and or long john as much as I do!
    Maybe we should do a What PJ I Wore Wednesday?

  2. Yeah I started this, I think I did one maybe two segments and I was done.

    I was actually depressed that I started and ended so promptly as it highlighted that as I get older I'm prone to NEVER starting what I finish!!! :0(