Monday, December 06, 2010


You are supposed to say that like Cookie Monster. Although I hear he now says, "carrrroooottts." What a crock that is!
Here is a fun idea for some time with your kids. These photos are from last year's cookie making extravaganza. I will post this years when it actually happens. For today, this is an advice only post.

First: Assemble a Cookie Crew

Make a great big cookie mess.
Yes, that's it. Just let your kids go to town with it. This is an area I had to learn to let go in. Our first year, I made the cookies, got very cute frosting in various colors made, each with its own plastic knife so there would be no cross color contamination. I had little jars of sprinkles and such, and had this vision of little green trees with red sprinkles, little yellow stars with an edge of those silver balls we are never quite sure if you should actually eat.
You know what I got? Little boys who mixed the yellow and red frosting, and had so many mismatched sprinkles on some cookies they were too heavy to lift without the aid of a weight belt. BUT... they also had fun and giggled and made a great memory once a certain mom stopped trying to micromanage the cookie making. My mother is laughing right now because as a teenager my sister Patti and always made cookies and every year I insisted on making a tie-dye cookie, and one blood shot eyeball cookie. (too much eggnog) I even shellacked the tie dye cookie one year. (I was actually going to give it to someone. What a let down that present would have been, talk about wishing for the impersonal gift card) You reap what you sow folks.

Make Merry.
Enjoy the Mess.
And whatever you do, don't question this elf's cookie skillz.


  1. i wish i could just let my kids go at it like that. i think i have control issues!

  2. I find I am much more able to accept the messy fun when I have other kidlets join the organized chaos!

  3. cute!!
    we are planning on cookies this weekend...i do the same thing - just let them go for it :)