Monday, December 13, 2010

Brit love

Make no mistake, I am talking Brit, as in England, not Brit as in Britney Spears. I have no desire to shave my head, smash cars with an umbrella or kiss Madonna. I do however love two things that are distinctly British...

Lemon Curd and Tea.

I no longer care for coffee.I know. Weird. I have a sip here and there, but never even make it in the morning any more. I feel cheated that I have not lost at least 10lbs by giving up my morning brew. I mean, really. A guy can give up soda and in a week he looks like he had a tummy tuck. I gave up (ok, without trying, but still...) my favorite morning sugar and cream laden beverage and nothing.
This post has nothing to do at all with Christmas, except that it is cold. Beastly cold. So cold I was happy to wash dishes tonight because of the hot water. Cold weather = more tea time. See, I just used the term "tea time". I am practically part of the royal family.
This was pretty lame blogging I know. Maybe we should have "Mute Monday" to follow Silent Sunday?


  1. first of coffee - jude are you ok??

    second...loving that mug!! now i have mug envy :)

  2. I wish i liked tea. but no coffee? thats crazy!

  3. At work all I drink is tea, I can't start the day properly with out a cup, but I do love my Starbucks though.

    My mother raised me on a cup of tea each morning to get the "wind" out of me!!! LOL

    And when my husband is having a bad day I always offer him a cup of tea and he always says yes and feels better when he's done.

    We've discussed why the English always offer each other a cup of tea when ones stressed. We've come to the conclusion that it's merely that fact that to drink a cup of tea you have to slow down, wait for it to cool and sip slowly and all of that allows you internally to calm down and reassess!!!! Who knows really!!!