Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Still in the works...

Ok, so I was terribly torn about what to do for a first post of 2011. I had seen people posting fun quizzes, top ten photos, favorite scrapbook layouts, resolutions, and more. Then I finally decided to do more than one. Why choose? I can do the quiz one day and the layouts the next and... yeah, that didn't get too far as I choose the hardest one to tackle first.
It is a list of topics that you choose a photo from 2010 to go along with. Oh my word... much more time consuming than I thought. I think I am skipping the "friend" one because I was already up to 11 photos. So... anyhoo. You are getting a list of goals, and I will attempt to complete the never ending photo task soon. And then the quiz, and the top ten, and ... let's be reasonable. This list might be all this blog sees for a while.

Goals and Intentions for 2011
by Jude

1. Stick with my Project 365. This is a project where you take a self portrait every day... for one year. Holy Hannah that is a lot of shots of my goofy face looking at ya' but I am doing it. The first time I heard about this idea, 2 years ago, I honestly thought, how narcissistic! BUT... then I lost my grandmother this year, and all I could think was, I would LOVE to have a whole year of her German grimaces to look at. Here is an example... we'll see how this is going come April.

2. Stick with my Project 52. HA! I think this is technically a back -up plan in case I fail at the 365. This differs in that, I have joined a group of other photo enthusiasts and we are given prompts each week for a year. This week's prompt was NEW. Here is mine: Alden and his new best friend.

3. I want to memorize 5 or more good verses. By good, I do not mean that some scripture is better than others, I mean good in the sense that I will not count "Jesus wept" as a memorized verse. "Your word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you."

4. Read more books. I read a lot last year, but thanks to a website Nicole recommended,that helps you keep up with what you have read, want to read, and are currently reading, I plan on reading more. Plus, remember, I drink tea now, I am bound to read more because of that fact alone!

5. Do more crafts with the knuckleheads. I cleaned out our mudroom this week, and finally had to admit... my young testosterone bearing children are just not into rubber stamping and scrapbooking. They are into bendaroos, legos, and using household items to make weapons. I will let go of the estrogen craft dreams, and embrace the boy craft realm.

6. I will save all my birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah money for a new camera. I know, I don't even celebrate Hanukkah, but if I thought it would get me to my dreamy new camera sooner, I would indeed don a yarmulke and play with a dreidel.

7. Date nights will be an all systems go, just like in 2010. My Micah and I really loved this, and I have already decided two of our nights out for this month. We are not loaded enough to pay a sitter every week, so sometimes we "date in", but date we will... and I hope I get a corsage on at least one occasion... not really. My Micah knows I would jack slap him for wasting potential new camera dollars on flowers.

8. I have a few travel goals... those will depend on time, $$, and who I can pawn my children off on. Mom... don't you want to come for a visit???? heehee

9. I shant buy any unnecessary shoes in 2011. One should note, my idea of necessary and yours are likely two different things.

10. I will, in fact get my friend Sarah, to give me a full and complete hug. This is last because it will be the most challenging goal to keep.


  1. funny. because my 10th resolution (let's be real. these are resolutions, even though you call them "goals and intentions"). anyways, my 10th resolution is to finally, once and for all, get jude to stop harassing me for a hug and give up all hope that it will ever happen. the battle is on!

  2. I used to feel the same way about self portraits until Misty on CM said that she knew her kids would want pics of her, not only of them, someday...totally the ah-ha monet! Puts it in perspective! I may try to do a self port 52 too!!! Great selfies of you!!!

  3. I was able to keep up the self portrait thing for quite a while 3 years ago. Several months anyways...Maybe I'll do a self portrait a week. I can commit to 52.

    I think a new camera is a good goal to have. Do your travel goals include Texas, by chance??

  4. I love that you're doing 365 and 52 weeks! What digi frame are you using on your 365 shots? I'm pretty sure I'm doing project life this year. I'm doing ok so far, but ya know it's all of day six! ;-) I will be using some of the 52 week prompts to help me get through it, I think. I had to laugh at #9 only because one of the things on my 'to-do' list this year is 'buy a pair of cute heels and actually wear them'. I sort of live in flip flops and I figure I need to expand my horizons a little :D

  5. I can Never do 365 lol. I always try. I just give up lol.

    Date night sounds so fun. Tony and I do that also!

  6. .you are so cute jude. love those first two shots. looking forward to a peak at all 365 :)
    .love it! where are you getting your prompts?
    .we need to stay on each other with the reading goal! i have a mindless chick lit that could be on its way to you if you want it...let me know its: "Secrets to happiness"
    .i'm saving my pennies for something camera related too - not sure yet though if it should be a speedlight or a new lens.
    .i need to be better about date nights!
    .minnesota in dec did you say?

  7. love love the self portraits! Check out the 60d. Seriously. So good to chat with you. I want to do that more often. I offer free housing for any travel plans ;)

  8. love this. i did resolutions for a while, then went very hostile=ly anti-resolution for a while bc i never kept them, now i am somewhere in teh middle with some goals and actual steps to get them done. kept it to 2 to keep it manageable. but the date night one-might have to incorporate that. can you tell me how you got Micah to geton board with the date night IN? JD would not object but I also knwo he wouldn't do it when rubber meets the road...

  9. I was going to say almost exactly what V did. Date night is a good resolution and one worth keeping. It the babysitting money that is crazy with FOUR children. Love your writing. You always make me laugh out loud.