Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day dos and don'ts

Here in the south, we like to celebrate snow by declaring any appearance of snow, or even the threat thereof, a day off. We are currently on day four out of school. We got approximately 1½ inches... with some ice on top. Lest you think I am some whiny Yankee, I LOVE it. I love that everyone runs to the store and stocks up, I love that school is closed and people refuse to drive. I love to be "hunkered down" with my little men.
Here is what I have learned...

DO... allow your children some extra TV time. For your sanity and theirs. There are only so many games of WAR one mama can play.
DO... have lots of hot chocolate, and allow it to be made after every trip outside. I feel this is a right, yes, I said it, a RIGHT of small,snotty nosed, cold fingered children everywhere. If they are willing to go brave the cold to plunge headfirst down the neighbors driveway in sub standard winter wear, give them the hot chocolate.
DO... pay the 99¢ for a few fun dance songs and have a dance party. It is "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"...
DO... be prepared for a few inevitable squabbles. They are kids. It will happen. Just keep the rules simple... no teeth, no kicking, and no knives. I am kidding on that last one. Sort of.
DO... be sure and remind your spouse that these are the days when paying that $10 a month for netflix is totally.100%. Worth it.

and now, for the dont's...
DON'T... interfere in the sledding tactics of young boys. If they want to make a train, even though they fall and crash every time, resist the urge to tell them to stop. Why? They are showing perseverance. Plus, a trip to the ER for some stitches is a great way to break up the day and get out of the house. I am kidding. Sort of.
DON'T... skimp on the marshmallows in the hot chocolate. I want my kids to think back and be like, "My mom used to make the BEST hot chocolate on snow days with so many marshmallows they overflowed!" Not.. "Man, my mom saved an extra three cents by giving us all exactly 13 marshmallows." Come on moms! Chuck them in there... live on the edge! (yes, it is sad that over marshmallowing hot chocolate is how we moms live on the edge. Eh.)
DON'T... get angry when your husband has just gotten to escape, I mean, leave for work and you are summoned with the following... "Mama, come here! I pooped on da floor." Oh yes. It's true. Courtesy of Alden, total accident, but still. YUCK! Emerson was soooo helpful. He called Lincoln to come see the offending dookey, and then ran back to the living room only to yell, "Goodness Alden! What did you eat today!?!?!"
DON'T... go near a mall, a bounce place, and especially not Chuck e Sneeze. It is a proven fact that your child will pick up germs and then be home sick the following week. So that half hour of sanity you claimed while your kids played at the golden arches? NOT WORTH IT!

In short, have fun. Relax. Let the house get a little messy... and of course, if your child is like Hadji, document these moments:

Yes. That is my child. In his barefeet. In the snow. He doesn't even flinch. Maybe he has a future as a fire walker???


  1. i completely agree on all the do's and don'ts! I just wish we had snow days here in Oaktown. :( at least one or two would be fun. but can you believe this??--my kids do not like hot chocolate OR marshmallows. WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN?!

  2. Thanks for the laugh Alden...I needed that!

  3. I love the list. Sean said this morning, "I am done with the cold." It was 38 degrees. I was like, "Um, yeah, this is Texas. What should we do, move south?" I mean really, his complaining is going to land us in Alaska on our next assignment.

    Oh well, at least I'll be able to use your dos and don'ts there! :)

  4. i'm still stuck on the fact that you've been off for 4 days...crazy!!!

  5. ummm, i needed this post. My kids are always begging for marshmallows bc I really don't put enough in I now realize. I'm letting them put their own on next time!!! Now that's REALLY living on the edge! Thx Jude, and also for everything else, you know what I am talking about!

  6. Love this post!!! Totally agree! I LOVED snow days in the up north, we just get delays...grrrr! lol on the bare feet! HA!

  7. Thanks you're so right my child will NOT remember how I saved "three cents by giving us all exactly 13 marshmallows"!!!