Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Confessions of a Date-In FAIL...

Sometimes, you just have to know when to throw in the towel. After writing that lovely and positive post about the "Date-In", we attempted our first Date In of 2011. It was an epic failure.

It all started as a carefully planned evening out. We were going downtown to a lovely restaurant to feast on a pecan crusted trout with Bourbon glaze. It was the restaurant's special that night, and I had been dreaming of that yummy pecan crusted goodness for days. (only kim will get this advanced meal planning. you appreciate it don't you kim?)

Then we got socked with some snow. Snow topped with ice. Ice which meant we could not ask our lovely babysitter to come drive out here to the casa. It's ok, I tell myself, that despite the fact that we are on day two of school being cancelled, I can handle not leaving the house. I declare to my Micah that we will Date-In! I shower, I make up, and... then I broke the first rule of the Date-In. I put on long johns. In my defense, I was FREEZING, very freezing, and...I think I can rock some long johns. That my friends is not prideful fashion bragging... more like a confession of embarrassing long john love.

I try to think of what take out My Micah can bring home from work that will keep until bedtime... um, yeah...there isn't one. When we typically get take out, he goes back out for it after the little ones are in bed. I could not send him out onto the ice laden streets to satisfy my pasta needs.

So, I call him at work to chat. I offer snack and dinner options. Apparently, a husband who is very busy at work, he is not wanting to think about his dinner options. I need to remember... if I put hot food on a plate, he will be happy 98% of the time. So... we decide on nothing.

I am busy re-clothing the boys who are sledding, and searching for dry mittens, making hot chocolate, and whatnot. In short, I was quickly losing my planning focus for the Date-In. I had no candles ready, no romantic music keyed up, and no game/movie picked out.

I should also point out that someone may not have greeted her spouse in a perfect fashion upon his arrival home. I asked him to stop at the store and instead of saying "Thank you", I questioned his purchases. Oops. See, my Micah saw bread on sale for a $1 a loaf. And bought 10. Yes... TEN. That is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Now, on another item, I would have been elated, but this picky gal has decided frozen bread is not good. It gets soggy when you thaw it. I don't care for it. So, instead of praising my frugal husband, I screwed up my face and questioned his shopping skills. This did not help set the tone for date in either. I should add, "Don't rebuke your honey on his way in the door" to the list of rules.

By the time we got kids fed, the news that school was cancelled the next day had slipped out. (I shant say which over bread buying parent let that cat out of the bag) Well, every mom knows, once kids know there is no school, due to snow, their ability to fall asleep quickly and quietly disintegrates right before your eyes.

The evening dwindled down...
The next morning we had a good laugh and both declared that once the TV had stayed tuned to The Biggest Loser, we knew it was time to throw in the towel...
Man boobs do not inspire romance. Ever.
The moral of the story is... know when to persevere, and know when to park it on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, and call it.


  1. LOL!!! 10 loaves, eh? lol!

  2. So sorry for you, but for some reason (probably the lack of date nights!) this was so encouraging to me. And I laughed out loud about the bread.

  3. know when to hold em, know when to walk away? ;) "Man boobs do not inspire romance. Ever." LOL!!! so true. Even though it wasn't what you had doesn't sound too horrible though. :)

  4. even though you took it all in stide i do hope that you and micah are able to get out for that trout sometime soon :)

    i had to laugh about the comment about micah not being concerned about dinner while at work...that is totally us too :)

  5. Funny we freeze bread all the time and it never goes soggy!!!

    Yes out of everything you just said that is my first and final comment on the matter.

    There are no words for how much of a fail that date in turned into...I feel bad but inside I am laughing hard...sorry!!!