Monday, January 31, 2011

For Martha...

My dear friend Martha, who is gorgeous, funny, and sweet as can be, tagged me to do a list of seven facts. I am a boring person, so these lists are always hard for me, but since Martha is also growing a baby in her adorable little belly, I will attempt the list, just for her. Who can say no to a cute pregnant girl???

1. I have stuck with the photo-of-my-funny-looking-face-every-day-goal so far. Is it cheating if I let Micah take the photo sometimes? Last night Alden and I fell asleep together and before he woke up, I whispered fiercely for Micah to come snap a photo.

2. I have not had any salt and vinegar chips since New Year's Eve. I am an addict, and quitting cold turkey was the only way to go. Can you go through salt n'vinney withdrawal? Cause I am.

3. I finally found a place here that makes fish fry to rival Buffalo's. I have always missed that, especially during Lent. And yes, leave it to Buffalo to take a healthy food like fish and make it yummy and bad for you! Woot woot!

4. Micah threatened to take away my txting plan. Apparently, he is not a fan of my inability to pick up a phone anymore. I am a fan of a "conversation" via txt that can occur whilst kids are crying or bums are being wiped. (theirs, not mine.) I think that is a whole blog post in and of itself. Coming soon...

5. I finally bought a used copy of and started reading, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." Oh.My.Word. I love it. I am about halfway though it, and am already sad that it will be ending soon. That my friends is how you know a good book.

6. I tried to stretch the taco meat this week by adding black beans. I was very quiet and just made up everyone's tacos in the kitchen. I thought I was in the clear, when at the almost last bite Hadji picks a bean up and says, with great disdain, "What is this? A bug?"

7. Things I never thought I would say, but have... "Please, please do not come ask me any more questions while I am using the bathroom. Unless you, your brother, or the house is on fire, do not come near this door. " I also may have said that the house fire should be out of control before I am interrupted. Shameless, poor, mothering, tis true...

See, I am not good at these lists. Maybe you can get a refund on the 4 minutes you have invested here?


  1. 1. I am thoroughly impressed!
    2. I'm pretty sure you can't go thru salt N vinegar withdrawal. The vinegar you previously consumed has both literally and figuratively preserved you.
    3. I just found a local seafood place here! I don't know anything about Buffalo fish fry, but I was happy to have some fried shrimp for a reasonable price. Red Lobster does not a seafood restaurant make.
    4. I'm the same way. It's reached the point of pathetic tho. I think it's a conspiracy to do away with speaking all together. But you're right, when kids are screaming and you can STILL carry on an adult's a beautiful thing.
    5. I'll have to look for it!
    6. AHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA. I love that kid!
    7. Yes, exactly. Titus can reach doorknobs now. My end is quickly approaching.

    I love this post!!


  2. 1. That is impressive! I've been good at the photo a day, but I don't know if I could do it if it were just me. So that's awesome!
    3. I do not like sea food. :( But I'm sure since I live by the ocean we have lots of good places. you'll have to come here and tell me :D
    4. I love txting! it's just so convenient! You know?
    5.I'll be waiting for your review on Good Reads!
    6. hahaha! that's great!
    7. I think I may have uttered that same sentence a time or two myself. :P

  3. I am so with you on texting!! everyone knows how getting on an actual telephone attracts kids to a mom like a magnet!!!

    i was actually thinking of doing a similar post of things i never thought i would say - sometimes things come out of the mouth and i'm shocked that i even have to say things like it :)

  4. I tried to stretch my lego project, that my friends is the sign of a good lego buy!! But I know what you mean.

  5. P.S. There is nothing greater than salt and vinegar chips...hmm maybe cheese and onion or pickled onion...maybe!!!

  6. YAY! I'm proud of you ;) And seriously!? No Salt n Vinney chips!? I'll eat some for both of us.