Saturday, October 01, 2011

October 1

Hold onto your hats... my friend Melanie, posted a great list of things to blog about for one month straight. As in every day. I told her I would do it this month. If you are still here at the end, I should probably give you a major organ or something really grand. Let me call up Oprah and see what I can arrange...

Day One: A recent Photo of Yourself and 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself
The photo:

The Facts:
1. I hate the smell of red meat.
2. I have not eaten steak in 23 years. I think it is gross. Please reference number 1.
3. I think it is sad that my kids will never have to be told to make sure they have a couple dimes for the payphone when they go out as teenagers. Now I will just have to ask if their cell phone is charged.

4. A bonus to the lack of pay phones and surplus of cell phones... I will be on one of those mom track your kid sites monitoring their every move. Just kidding. Sort of.
5. I typed an envelope address last week. It made me extremely happy to do so.
6. Yes, I know that #5 makes me a major dork.
7. I filled up those vintage suitcases with cluttery stuff from my office shelves. They now serve a real purpose which means my Micah cannot toss them. Bwahahahaha...
8. I could eat cereal for every meal of the day.

9. I want to tear down our dining room wall and see if the old fireplace is still behind it. I don't even want it to be useable, I just want a hearth. Why do I live in an almost 100 year old house without a fireplace?!?!
10. I think if one more male species in this house puts their smelly socks in the laundry without insiding them out, I will go Mommy Dearest on them all. Its been a while since I have done so, and I would hate to foster any ideas my children may have of me being normal.
11. I think by number 11 you are realizing, I am not all that interesting...
12. Five. That is the number of packages that came to my door last Wednesday. Amazon Prime ♥. (I feel like I should be hashtagging "#winning" but... )
13. I let the one year anniversary of my grandmother's death go by without remembering. I think that was actually a good thing. I miss her terribly.
14. I just started crying.
15. Given the choice between a fireplace and a dishwasher, I would choose the fireplace. Hands down.


  1. i quit using my dishwasher about a week ago. not as bad as i thought it'd be. i never thought i could live without one. :)
    is it all red meat you don't like or just steak?
    i totally get the sock thing. they also must not be all rolled up either. boys socks are so disgusting.
    looking forward to the rest of your posts!

  2. Hi Jude! Great pic! I really like my dishwasher - I would choose that over a fireplace (we don't have a fireplace at our new house - but I do miss the hearth.) Have a great day!

  3. Where did you get the list? Looks fun!
    I think I'd like to play too ;)

  4. 1. It does smell nasty you're right
    2. I hate steak as well, unless it's cut up so small that I don't even know it's there.
    3. Yeah but those public phones always needed a good clorox wipe
    4. I currently track my iphone, ipod, and ipad with some tracky app.
    5. Did you say typed??? LOL
    6. I know I'm a dork but after many years i'm ok with it.
    7. Can Micah misplace them?
    8. So could I!!
    9. Do you know for sure that there was/is a fireplace or you just want to see?
    10. Ughhh how about when they fold them together AND they're inside out?
    11. You're fascinating Jude, your every day life fascinates me.
    12. So what made you do Amazon Prime...I order everything from Amazon. If Amazon doesn't sell it I don't buy it but I haven't been convinced of the Prime part yet.
    13. :(
    14. :(
    15. did you bump your head on this one? I couldn't live without my dishwasher!!!