Sunday, October 02, 2011

October 2

Day two: The meaning of your blog name:
Pajamas are Clothes?
That's simple. Once I got to stay home, I realized it saved me laundry and gained comfort to just stay in my comfy pjs all day when I could. I declared them "real clothes" on days we stay in.  Hence the title, Pajamas are Clothes. I am not sure making it the title of my blog was the best idea...

I am wondering, did this mean my name on my blog? If so, that is easy. it's Jude. That rhymes with mood. Dude. Rude. And even attitude. It is my name. Tricky eh?


  1. I think I always knew that's what your blog name meant.

  2. I LOVE the name of your blog! I also love pajama days.