Sunday, October 23, 2011

october 23

Day 23: Something you crave for a lot.

I have a list for this one:
1. chips. I ♥ chips. horrible food, i know.
2. canon 5DmkII.
3. books. I love to read. I will ignore laundry to finish a good book.
4. apple pie.
5. fall.
6. date nite with my Micah.
7. snuggles with my boys.
8. more time.
9. big ginormous closets. oh, and a second toilet at the casa. (don't judge. its my crave list, i can crave a commode!)
10. world peace. (i just threw that in there in case Micah ever runs for president. they can say I pined for noble causes like world peace my whole life. well, that and Donald Trump's hair to be fixed... )

day 23.done.


  1. I crave chips too. every single day. I'd take chips over chocolate.
    I ♥ books.

  2. I'd take good chocolate over chips only because good chocolate is a hot commodity in my house...chips I can get anywhere...though my husband has decided our house will eat no more chips...I guess he read some newsletter some place!

    P.s. do you think Donalds hair is fixable and he chooses not to fix it or do you think it's not fixable as in his hair follicles are a total loss?