Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 26

Day 26: What you think about your friends...

Friends. I have said it before and I will say it again... I have the best friends.  I love that they bear with my oddities, laugh at my bad humor, and put up with my imperfect ways. They love me, they love my kids, they are just awesome.  They have waded through some rough waters with me; my sister having cancer, Micah changing careers, and even my grandmother dying. Somehow, they know when to say nothing, when to reply, "that sucks" and when to say, "I am coming over."  They have rebuked in love, encouraged in faith, and just plain "been there".  One time my friend Jen said, "I understand what you are feeling, and would feel the same way. But, I cannot let you stay there." That's wisdom folks.

A few weeks ago, we asked Hadji, "who loves you Hadji?" His quick and immediate reply, "Miss Heather" (said more like "Hedder".)  I like that Alden asks to "just be dropped off" at my friend Sarah's house. I like that Lincoln enjoys when my friend Jessica's 2 year old comes with us, because he likes to take care of her. I like that when I had to take Emerson to the ER this weekend for an asthma attack, I could comfort Micah (who stayed home with the other two boys) by telling him, "I'll call Ashley and Kerry. One of them can come sit with me if it is going to be a long night." and they did just that.

So, I think my friends are pretty amazing. I could never mention each of them here by name, and the stories are numerous and many of their genuine kindness, adventures of road trips, thrift store shopping and dinners out.  If you don't have close friends ask yourself...

do I seek out others? (as in, am I friendly?)
do I invest in the friends I already have?  ( the grass is always greener syndrome)
do I want friends only for social reasons? (somewhere to hang out on friday night? someone to facebook brag about? )
do I want to love someone even when they are going through hard times? (did you see what some of these gals have been through with me?)

Friendships are tricky. Some people feel like they have too many, not enough, etc. Just open your eyes. There are people everywhere who need and want love and friendship. Maybe you need to be the one to start it. Maybe you need to be the one who invests more upfront. Try this... try being the kind of friend you want someone to be for you and see what happens. Pray for your friends. I should also note,  if you are married, your spouse should be your best friend. I have seen people ignore their marital friendship and folks, that is one friendship you MUST keep growing. I reserve the title of best friend for my Micah. Yet, I am ever thankful for my best friends...

Day 26. Done.

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  1. Funny I feel as if i'm the one who doesn't have enough friends...tons of acquaintances but not many real friends....but it's starting to bother me less and less as I get wiser and older...hmmm

    But I must say I have tried for most of my life to treat people as I'd want them to treat me and it seemed to get me trampled on year after's only of late, as in the last two years that I've started to be a little bit more selfish and not put myself out as much to try and prevent myself from getting used and abused but yet I still feel guilty as it's not the real me...

    Hope that makes ANY sense!