Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 29

Day 29: In this past month, what have you learned?

1. My kids love praise. I knew this already, but sometimes I forget to do it enough.
2. I really think Lincoln is trying to see if he can send me to the looney bin by not remembering to inside out his socks and put them in the dirty clothes.
3. Fall is always awesome. Always.

4. I never get tired of the clacking noise my typewriter makes when I use it.
5. Hadji thought, until last night, that babies were born with a diaper on, or even clothes. The look of total shock on his face was priceless when I told him, no, they are born naked. "WHAT?!?! So they are naked in the mama's belly? Gross!" Yes, I replied. Totally gross.

 6. We are watching Little House on the Prairie every evening again. I love this. If it weren't for the outhouses, lack of deodorant, and having to kill your own meat, I would totally say I was born in the wrong era. Ok, looking at that list, maybe I just like to watch tv shows about the pioneer way of life...
(Ps, this is my boys whittling, yes, whittling with their pocket knives one afternoon. LOVE it.) 

7. I tried Aibileen's match in the mouth trick whilst cutting onions. It totally worked.

8. Making my gramma's bean stew makes me happy and sad all at the same time.
9. Sometimes a two hour nap, wrapped up in an afghan knit by your great aunt is JUST the right thing to do.

10. Putting away the folded laundry is the most procrastinated chore I ever do. Or, don't do...

Day 29. Done.

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  1. LOL So he's not grossed out by the fact that the baby is in the mothers belly only the fact that said baby is not CLOTHED!!! Priceless!

    Though I love back then in Little House on the Prairie time seem like the best life....especially the town store with those big clear bottles of candies and you get like 5 for a penny!!!