Monday, October 03, 2011

October 3

Day 3: A picture of you and your friends...

Here are a couple:

I am blessed to have lots of super sweet friends. It was hard to pick just one or two photos. There are some folks not in each photo, and there are memories of hiking, weddings, dinners out, birthday parties, holidays, cookouts, weekend outings, etc. that I cherish. ♥ you girls!


  1. i would definitely smile in your pictures if i suspected they would be posted on the internetz.

  2. do all your friends read your blog...I don't think I see them around here much???

    who's the smart ass with her tongue out while all the other are smiling...I think I like her sense of humor!!!

    and whose house is that in...that carpet looks so lush and comfortable.

  3. Oh p.s. I laughed when I realized you were just as anal as I just had to wait until Oct 1st to start...I have a friend who started mid month and i still don't understand how she did it!!! It boggles my mind doing day 3 on september 26th!!

  4. dear sarah, i should have warned you. all are fair game. i know you probably thought i would hoard them forever...

  5. mel, see above commenter for the identity. i think a few of my friends read, but rarely comment.

  6. BAHAHA! I love these pictures, especially Sarah and my preggo belly!