Sunday, September 25, 2011


Fact:  It is impossible to stay made at someone for peeing on the bathroom floor whilst they are wearing an IronMan costume.

Fact:  I guarantee there will be some Jay Leno type who will ask me if that was Micah referenced above.
Fact:  I am quite pleased with the Bills season so far. Please note, I am not "jumping on the bandwagon." I never left the bandwagon... I just hid under the dashboard  for a few seasons...
Fact: I watched a woman get on the airplane last week wearing scrubs. Yes, like doctor-nurse scrubs. I suddenly wondered why I bothered to piece together my cute "Please pick me for a free upgrade to first class" outfit...

 Fact: I put together a journal cover using iPhone photos, and I am way too excited about its arrival. Nerd. Yes. Don't care. Love photos.
Fact: I have not made a "real" scrapbook page in months. I have been keeping up with my Project Life though. And by "keeping up" I mean that I am getting ready to start August.
Fact:  I have also been keeping up with my self photos every day. There is a sharp increase in the number of iphone photos at this point, and I am ok with that.

Fact: I love thrift stores and other people's old junk way too much. (PS. I got this one for FREE. Yes, f-r-e-e)

Fact: I read the book "Sarah's Key" in a ridiculously short amount of time, so that I could go see the movie before it left a small, local theater. I may have also convinced a friend to do the same. I love a willing accomplice...

Fact: I think organic meat in the grocery store is a huge crock of malarkey.
Fact: I have no clue what malarkey is, but I am trying to use the word crap less, so there it is. Malarkey.
Fact: I hope no one tells me to "just google" malarkey.
Fact: This list is done. Why? Because I just used the word malarkey in last three facts. Crap, make that four...


  1. what a bunch of malarkey! haha just kidding.
    Isn't it funny how back in the day flying was actually like a fancy thing to do and you actually got dressed in your Sunday best to do it...and now people wear yoga pants, slippers and scrubs!

  2. how was the sarah's key movie??

    i agree..malarkey!

    love that you found a typewriter!!

  3. 1.Where that frame from on that adorable iron man pj picture?

    2. come on spill the beans what's up with organic meat? I bought my first ever piece this weekend, short ribs and a sirloin. It was expensive as hell...who knew NOT injecting the animal with antibiotics and hormones could cost so much! LOL

  4. P.S. I always pick out an airplane outfit...i simply can't just go in my I'm always freezing on the plane so I need layers as I'm usually getting off into 100 degree weather...I mean why fly if you don't getting off into those temps right? :0)

  5. Loved reading Sarah's Key, but it was Oh-So-Haunting! How was the movie?